South Africa Ngala Safari

Imagine getting to experience a 3 night 4 day Ngala safari in the beautiful country of South Africa. Getting the chance to see wild life that you wouldnâ??t get to see in their natural environment on any other continent in the world. You will be guaranteed to get up close and personal to the wildlife however you donâ??t have to worry because you will get to have a safe experience as well.

On day one you will go to the Ngala walking safari around 2 pm. You will get to enjoy an hour and a half walk around Kruger park private concession. Make sure that you get a good nights rest because on the second and third day you will wake up early in the morning and go on a 4-5 hour walk. Be prepared to have a few different encounters with different animals that call the park home. You donâ??t have to be afraid because you will have an experienced ranger who has received special instructions and have gone through great training.

They also give you different information on different trees and plants that you can use for medical reasons, and how to react if and when you encounter an African animal. After returning to the camp you will get breakfast and then go on your next walking safari to a photogenic location. Unfortunately on day 4 the safari comes to an end. You donâ??t have that much of a selection between which days you want to go because the tour only departs every Monday and Friday and the age limit is 16-60. During your visit you will get to stay in a luxury tent and get to taste local beers and house wines. Unfortunately youâ??ll have to pay for champagne and cellar wines. However you do get a good value for the money.

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