Smooth Jazz backing track E minor 68 bpm Backing Track, E Minor Produced by Jeff Carruthers. Jeff Carruthers: guitars, keys, drum programing Roberto Valley: bass Dave Hopper: live drums Hans Zermeuhlen: Rhodes Ronnie Guittierez: percussion

15 comments to Smooth Jazz backing track E minor 68 bpm

  • Cameron Swan  says:

    It’s fun to ply my Sax? over this one!

  • ellin2025  says:

    it’s like? a PORN for my ears 🙂

  • Whisperiment  says:

    B? minor

  • Reggie DeLaine  says:


  • coffeebreaksongs  says:

    Hi Andreas, Thanks for posting I love to hear musicians playing over our tracks. Keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

  • 1Vurgas1  says:

    would love to? see / hear you post/upload some of your jamming

  • Andreas Møskeland  says:

    I uploaded av vid with? this backingtrack, but i wrote that this track is yours, is it okay i uploaded the vid 🙂 if you would watch it it would mean a lot to me! i have jammed with this track a lot and its is so good :))

  • Drew Albert  says:


  • Xaltus  says:

    In as lowest, raspy tone possible:? “Aw yeah baby. Let’s get it on.”

  • chocomalk  says:

    Yeah it’s an E minor vamp in D major so essentially it is E Dorian or B Minor.
    The only difference is C# vs a natural C. You can still? play the natural C as a passing tone.


    Es perfecto en su estilo y según me? parece a mí, el piano con su simpleza y economía de notas (G D #F / G #C #F) es un riff armónico clásico. Buen sonido, pero yo lo prefiero tocado por humanosl, aunque con los tiempos que corren y los músicos que hay por ahí…

  • ElectroSuperNun  says:

    nespresso, what? else?

  • Arnel Cawaling  says:

    salamat uli ng marami…malaking tulong kayo sa guitar playing ko!!?

  • bytton  says:

    I totally agree with? you Bm = D or Blues Scale B

  • iorixs  says:

    right on?

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