Smooth Jazz Backing Track C Minor. High quality 15 minute long track.

Smooth Jazz Backing Track C Minor. High quality 15 minute long track. Guitar Backing Track C Minor Produced by Jeff Carruthers. Jeff Carruthers: guitars, keys, drum programing Roberto Valley: bass Dave Hopper: live drums Hans Zermeuhlen: Rhodes Ronnie Guittierez: percussion
Video Rating: 4 / 5

100% Chilled compilation by DJ Paulo Arruda. • FREE Download: • Become a fan on Facebook: • Booking: TRACK LIST Lounge Collection 4 (01) A Guy Called Gerald – Fever (Black Dog Mix) (02) Nova Nova – La Chanson de Roland (03) Kruder & Dorfmeister / Lamb -Trans Fatty Acid (04) Faberge – Close your Eyes (05) Da Vince – Lufte (06) Afterlife – Breather (Eric Kupper Mix) (07) Randy Crawford – Give Me The Night (Chill Night Mix) (08) Jori Hulkkonen – If Only (09) Plastyc Buddha – Rhodes Royce (10) Dragonfly – Voice Of Unity (11) Max Melvin / Magnolia – shank (12) Claude Challe – Buddah Bar (14) Sinead O’Connor – Bomb the bass (15) Photek – Everything But the Girl (Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 comments to Smooth Jazz Backing Track C Minor. High quality 15 minute long track.

  • pooritech  says:

    Im keeping them on my mp3 player to listen o? in my car! Way better than most of what we hear!

  • André Winkelhorst  says:

    Compliments for the great Smooth Jazz backingtracks by CoffeeBreakGrooves!
    All equally fine for? jamming & improving your improvising skills!
    André Winkelhorst – Professional Guitarist – The Netherlands

  • coffeebreaksongs  says:

    Thanks………for more grooves check out our website coffeebreakgrooves there? are over 150 tracks available for download.? Chris.

  • Gary Livingston  says:

    ive been playing coffee brk tracks for the longest since they have been out and all the tracks are awesome i wonder the ones ive played i laid my lead on them coffee break can? i upload that specific track with me plating on it ????? just want to know

  • ACLTony  says:

    This? is A+ cool!

  • melantoriano  says:

    wow…Donald Fagen? style.

  • Mike Riposa  says:

    constantly amazed by the quality of? your stuff! Great!

  • mani k  says:

    it would be even better if there was a change in? key

  • michael haskins  says:

    there should be alot more of? this kind of music for everybody to enjoy

  • piedpeter1  says:

    very nice groove,? helped me expand my chops. with a good groove the lead just pops out.

  • heavyconfetti  says:

    fabulous groove.?

  • Ralf BBHarpy  says:

    Thanks for the? nice playalongs….

  • Debb Starr  says:

    Thanks for the info. :)?

  • coffeebreaksongs  says:

    Hi Debb, They can be used for recording and also for? example posting on YouTube, but
    they cannot be re-sold in any form.

  • Debb Starr  says:

    This? is great!

  • Debb Starr  says:

    Just a general question, but can? backing tracks used for recording (after paying for them, of course). Thanks.


  • railcar123  says:

    Cm7? -F7,9 – Ab/Bb

  • coletrickle206  says:

    So awesome! I played? the shit out of my guitar to this!

  • Lia Carvalhor  says:

    Muito? bom gosto ….Ameiiiiiiii

  • vacm1700  says:

    Cósmico :)?

  • CFSpcSysteme  says:

    Brilliant? man, even contained some of my all time favourites, great stuff. =)

  • GrupoMex Companies  says:


  • Gerardo Cartas  says:

    Excelente música para relajarte y descansar en casa tomando una tasa de café. Me recuerda mis años de adolecente cuando me sentaba? en la sala de la casa de mis papás a platicar con mis hermanas tomando una café.

  • TheBaselunar  says:

    BUENISIMO? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maria savedra  says:


  • T0berius  says:

    I think that release is finest like all your work !

  • GodStudio Ed  says:

    OGO!? Super!!!

  • TheLargeDog  says:

    What is the name of the? song starting at 16:40?

  • Eunt3uk  says:

    perfect? study music. Thank you!

  • christian albert gallon  says:


  • WGTSA  says:

    again and again a? great job…i hope you will mix a set in France

  • MrMadimaxi  says:

    TE nagyon! Minden? Tisztelet!JO a zenéd!

  • pablocs12  says:

    you have done an amazing job with all of? your compilations. Congratulations

  • 2011gosh  says:

    may your wishes come? true

  • 2011gosh  says:

    ke go? rata,thata

  • 2011gosh  says:

    where? did you sleep last year december papi!?

  • wilmaboot  says:

    great? …good vibe

  • Tchelaone  says:

    Beautiful! Thank? you…

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