SAS Desert: Are You Tough Enough? (Episode 1/6 – Part 2/5)

You Seen This Video On My Channel First! SAS Desert: Are You Tough Enough? (Episode 1/6 – Part 2/5)! This Is Namibia, In South-West Africa! Part Of SAS Training Is In Desert Conditions, And The Main Part Of The Work They’ve Been Doing Recently, Has Been In This Environment! 24 Super-Fit Members Of The British Public, Have Come To See If Their Tough Enough, For The SAS! Their In The 30000 Square Mile Namib Desert In Namibia, On The South-West Coast Of Africa! It’s Barren Desert Allows Very Little To Live! Miles, And Miles Of Constantly Moving Sand Dunes, Means The Desert Never Remains The Same! This, Is One Of The Planets Last Great Wilderness! Ex-SAS Members Are Bringing 24 Volunteers To The Middle Of The Namib Desert, For SAS Training!

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