Q&A: Orlando- Things to do? Your 3 recommendations?

Question by music_lovin_miss: Orlando- Things to do? Your 3 recommendations?
I know i keep posting these questions on Orlando, and i have been on Tripadvisor, but i find an awful lot of negative reviews on there.

What are your 3 unmissable recommendations for Orlando?

I am going from the UK for the 1st time in June with my 7yo.

Friends have recommended Discovery Cove and Cirque du Soleil as completely unmissable.
What are your thoughts?
I have asked about Discovery Cove and Cirque du Soleil separately, and they do come highly recommended.

I am however, worried about the cost and if i am going to spend hundreds of £’s on an activity i do need to be sure it is worth it

Again, i apologise for asking the same questions and i thank you for your answers.

EDIT: Sorry i didn’t specify, we have a 14 day ultimate disney pass, which gets us into everything disney. I haven’t bought any tickets other than this, and i want to know what you think of Universal, any of the shows, restaurants you love etc.

I don’t like Trip advisor cos i have seen too many reviews of places i have actually been that just say ‘This stank’.

I don’t for one minute believe that the entire of Disney, Orlando is dirty and tacky, so i’d like your opinion if you’ve been there, or live near etc etc


Best answer:

Answer by Jolson
Fly in a wind tunnel! Feel what it’s like to be a skydiver. Visit SkyVenture Orlando on International Drive, right near Universal Studios. I’ve been there many times and it is AMAZING! About $ 40-45 for a 1 hour experience that includes instruction and flight time.

Info: http://www.skyventureorlando.com/

Pricing: http://www.skyventureorlando.com/SkyVentureOrlandoWebContent.aspx?ID=0c5fd5a4-8f7a-49ee-a8f1-74bd39415755

Coupon: http://www.skyventureorlando.com/coupons/default.aspx

What do you think? Answer below!

4 comments to Q&A: Orlando- Things to do? Your 3 recommendations?

  • Bub  says:

    We have been to Orlando maybe eleven times and have never done Cirque or Disc Cove. Maybe if you read negative reviews on tripadvisor.com you should listen to them? Tripadvisor is made up of people who have actually done those shows, not employees or self written reviews from the companines.

    I would do Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot and if you have time a water park, either Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon (if it is open). After that, maybe Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Medieval Times is great, Capone’s is a campy fun dinner show that often has buy one get one free coupons online or in store fronts. Seaworld is okay, but it is all outside and very hot in the summer months.

  • Shannon M  says:

    Sea World itself is maybe my favorite park in all of Orlando. You can easily spend a whole day watching the different shows and visiting the exhibits. They even have different behind the scenes tours if you want to get even closer to the animals (the behind-the scenes tour for the Arctic exhibit allows you to pet a penguin!).

    Universal Islands of Adventure definitely has the most thrill rides of any of the parks. It has several roller coasters, and also water rides and 3D rides as well.

    And of course anything Disney is amazing! Lucky you for having 14 days to explore! I have personally never been to Disney Quest in Downtown Disney but I have heard that it is really neat. It’s like a virtual indoor theme park ( a GREAT thing to do on a rainy day), where you can do things like design a rollercoaster with the help of computer technology and then “ride” it via a motion simulator.

    The Disney water parks are also fun…my personal fave is Typhoon Lagoon because it has a tropical feel and you can even have a snorkel experience there.

    Some of my favorite restaurants are Ohana in the Polynesian resort, many of the restaurants in Epcot such as the German restaurant, Marrakesh in Morocco, and the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary hotel.For theme restaurants, Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney is a lot of fun, as is The Rainforest Cafe.

  • enickcnln  says:

    I grew up there! (:

    1. if you can you should defiantly go to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure (right next to Universal Studios)

    2. Disney World. (they have great rides)

    3. Lake Eola. ( I’ve been there a few times and it is a very nice park (and lake) and right next to the downtown area of Orlando)

  • Mistie L  says:

    This probably isn’t “best answer” material, but I think this would serve you best. Go to the All Ears rate and review section: http://land.allears.net/reviewpost/ This is a moderated board, very reputable, where people post reviews (good and bad, and very honest). It’s not anywhere near like tripadivsor where people are generally negative. It’s a well rounded view. They cover everything Disney and not in the Walt Disney World area.

    What I do recommend you do is: Chef Mickey’s, the Hoop De Doo Review, a haircut for your 7yo if a boy at Harmony Barber Shop or BBB if a girl

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