Q&A: How many DIrhams does it cost in Morocco for a divorce?

Question by GG: How many DIrhams does it cost in Morocco for a divorce?
My friend of 10 years is in the process of getting a divorce. There has been so many things that he has said regarding how much….how long….how to get a divorce in Morocco. Either he is not being clear or not telling me the whole truth. Thanks for any advice that you can give.

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Answer by ~~?§arah T?©~~
Let me try again. The reason I suggested picking an amount was because you were getting no answers with a dirham amount. I said charity (who knows why you were so offended by this word) because in the wording of your question it seemed as though the man is having a time with the cost. A divorce here does not take long if a person has money and since you said it seemed to be taking a long time I assumed. And actually because you did post it in the morocco section and said the man is from Morocco and living here one can easily assume he may need charity since MOST of the country could use it. oh well, charity is horrible right?
If the man has to pay alimony to the woman it may be costly. If he can’t afford to pay it that will make it timely because a judge may hold back on the final decree until the woman is fully paid. If there is no alimony than a divorce is quick and relatively cheap. A divorce with no issues involved can take as little as one month….yes I know of it being done.
I think your friend is not telling you everything and that is of little surprise. Divorce here is very personal and for some ppl a bit shameful, yes even the man, so maybe he limits his words out of pride.

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