Q&A: Coming to Morocco in March 2008?

Question by Kiri: Coming to Morocco in March 2008?
I have been a reading and watching this site for just about one year now….and find that most of the contributors are honest, informative and educational and their true love of Morocco shows through in their answers.
I also love Morocco, and am visiting Morocco in March (for the third time) and will be staying for one month. I would like to spend one week in four different places and would like to stay at an apartment/flat instead of a hotel, mainly to keep the cost down. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find this type of accomodation in Marrakech,Essouria, Agadir and somewhere near or in the desert.
If anyone has any ideas or knows of apartments to rent. I would appreciate your input.
I am a single woman that will be travelling with my single (female) friend. Does anyone foresee any problems that two females might encounter while travelling through Morocco. We plan to rent a car.
Thanks to all the answerers on this site. You are great!!

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Answer by koula boula
i would not suggest looking for an apartment, it s a hassle, and if you think twice about it, you would find that you won t save money but instead you would loose time. ibis hotel is about $ 54 a night, very clean and include a good breakfast. sign up for their frequent stay program, that would give you points for each night that you can redeem toward free nights. you can book it in advance through their website, and they have one in almost every city. i hope u have a nice trip, morocco is safe, though stay alert. Be safe

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  • ? terry g ?  says:

    I don’t foresee any real issues… Please dress conservatively, that should prevent most issues. Don’t go out alone and don’t go into suspicious areas you are unsure of (travel advice for anyplace really, not just Morocco). Be cautious with your money and be leery of natives who offer to be your tour guide (they did this to me and my Moroccan husband was with me! LOL)

    As for an apartment, the person who would know hasn’t been online much lately… InshaAllah she will come online and see this question.

  • MoRmEx  says:

    Welcome to morocco, have fun!!

  • BeccaLuvsHR  says:

    Try http://www.homelidays.com. I rented a first class westernized 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in the heart of the Gueliz in Marrakech (1 block away from the uber posh Marrakech Plaza) and paid 400 euros per week. All cleaning was done for me at no extra charge and the concierge was awesome. At homelidays there are all different types of apartments at all different price points. You negotiate directly with the owners of the apartments and since March still isn’t the high season – you may be able to ask for a better rate. There are other websites as well (www.abritel.com). They have apartments all over Morocco. My experience was totally awesome. My very first trip to Morocco was with my sister – two females travelling alone – we had no problems what-so-ever. As long as you take the same precautions as you do when you are home, you will be fine (ie. be aware of your surroundings etc.) I can recommend one of my favorite hotels in Erfoud (Kasbah Tizimi) – it was absolutely charming and reasonably priced and close to the Merzouga dunes. Have fun!

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