Q&A: Cody Rhodes or Matt Hardy?

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Question by : Cody Rhodes or Matt Hardy?

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Answer by Just Kicked Kurt Angle-R@ted “R” Super ?
I gotta say Matt Hardy. Even though he didnt win alot when he was in the WWE, he stil had amazing matches and was known for wonderful tag team experience. Sure Cody Rhodes had experience with Hardcore Holly in 2007, and Ted dibiase in 2009, but nothing compares to winning the tag team titles 7 times with your own brother.

Matt Hardy used to be in the main event too, like in Unforgiven 2008, he won the ECW championship, and in 2005, he faced Edge in a steel cage match at Unforgiven which was the match of the night.

Both men are good, but I gotta go with Matt Hardy, even if the WWE turned him into a jobber, hes still a great wrestler.

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4 comments to Q&A: Cody Rhodes or Matt Hardy?

  • HabsFan76  says:

    Cody Rhodes. He’s great.

  • The Codebreaker  says:

    Cody Rhodes!

  • ? B0URNE TO BE A MIZFIT ?  says:

    Cody Rhodes.

  • Punk Princess Ashley  says:

    Matt Hardy

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