Planning to join CCS. I have to choose a program site. Morocco or Ghana?

Question by pinky brewster: Planning to join CCS. I have to choose a program site. Morocco or Ghana?
Cultural Solutions does mission(ish, I say ish as its not a Christian mission trip and I wasn’t sure if the term only pertained to them) trips around the world and I want to either to go to Morocco or Ghana. However I know nothing about either country and am currently researching both. I understand that Morocco is an Muslim country, and I am a woman so I would like to factor that in. Also I am not one for out doorsy woodland type stuff and snake/lizards/bugs/creepy crawly stuff in general terrifies me, so there is that to consider as well. I am looking to be out of my comfort zone tho, but not so much so that it inhibits the amount I can contribute. Anyway any thoughts or experiences in either country will be much appreciated. Cheers!

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Answer by LaoWaiChengde
Ok, first off all don’t say mission as this is a terrible practice of going to other peoples cultures and telling people how they should live their lives. I know CCS having worked in the industry of adventure/volunteer travel and they are a great company. Whatever you do it will be sure to change your life.

Morocco and Ghana both have their own merits. I have been to both countries several times. They are quite different being on opposite sides of the Sahara. Morocco is generally an arid country with a mixture of deserts and mountains. The High Atlas Mountains are a fantastic place and in some places life has not changed for a long time. The cities of Marrakesh and Casablanca, Essaouira etc are now relatively modern tourist traps close to Europe and have beach hotels etc. I would certainly say these towns have very little attraction to them.

Ghana on the other hand is a tropical country and very green with a mixture of rainforest, savannah and swamps. Life here is at a slower pace and typically its a very bubbly place. Again you will want to get away from the main urban hubs. It is relatively safe compared to its neighbouring countries. It also has some magnificent hidden beaches.

You mention snakes/spiders and so on… don’t even think about it. This is our human intuition. I have spent months at a time living in the Amazon Rainforest, Congo, Afghanistan, Oz Outback etc etc and other shorter trips elsewhere, the dangers are not as real as we are led to believe. If you see a snake you will be very lucky and you should cherish the occasion. You also say you want to be out of your comfort zone and so this is what its all about… soon you’ll realise there is nothing to be afraid of.

If I had the choice it would be Ghana… its just that little bit more adventurous.

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