Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) (Whole Album) (HQ)

This is Peter Gabriel’s 4th album (Security), made in 1982 produced by David Lord and Peter Gabriel. Track Listing will be sorted in the future ie time of start of tracks.: The Rhythm of the Heat — 0:00 San jacinto — 5:17 I Have? the Touch — 11:50 the Family and the Fishing Net — 16:28 Shock the Monkey — 23:37 Lay Your Hands on Me — 29:09 Wallflower — 35:15 Kiss of Life — 41:51

Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree Live HD

Peter Gabriel — Main Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Rainstick Manu Katché — Drums Tony Levin — Bass, Chapman Stick, Main Vocals David Rhodes — Guitar, Main Vocals Jean-Claude Naimro — Keyboards, Main Vocals Shankar — Violins, Main Vocals Levon Minassian — Doudouk Paula Cole — Main Vocals Leo Nocentelli – Guitar, Main Vocals Daniel Lanois – Dobro,Telecaster Babacar Faye – Djembe Assane Thiam – Talking Drum,Tama Hossam Ramzy – Surdo Tim Green – Tenor Saxophone Reggie Houston – Baritone Saxophone Renard Poche – Trombone Wayne Jackson – Trumpet, Cornet Ayub Ogada – Backing Vocals Papa Wemba — Backing Vocals Reddy Amissi — Backing Vocals Stino Mubi — Backing Vocals Secret World Live is a film of a Peter Gabriel concert in 1993, as part of his Secret World Live tour to support his sixth solo album, Us. The show is performed across two stages: a square and a circular stage, bridged by a conveyor belt. It was released on VHS, LaserDisc and DVD. An album of the same title with a similar track listing was also released. The film received the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video. The film starts with Gabriel rising up from the stage in a telephone box singing the opening song. He eventually escapes the box and struggles to reach the circular stage, holding the phone which is on a extending cable, to meet Paula Cole. The two never meet and Gabriel is pulled back to the telephone box.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 comments to Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) (Whole Album) (HQ)

  • fred flintstone  says:

    ditto. ?

  • hennck  says:

    With seven songs used, Gabriel had the most songs featured by a solo artist in the Miami Vice series, and he is the only artist to have had a song used in an episode of each of Vice’s? five seasons.

  • hennck  says:

    “The Rhythm of the Heat” and “Biko” (from “Evan”), “Red? Rain” (from “Stone’s War”), “Mercy Street” (from “Killshot”), “Sledgehammer” (from “Better Living Through Chemistry”), “We Do What We’re Told” (from “Forgive Us Our Debts” and “Deliver Us From Evil”), and “Don’t Give Up” (with Kate Bush, from “Redemption In Blood”) were featured in Vice.

  • John Grindey  says:

    Funny thing is that “Shock the Monkey” might be my least favorite song on? this album.

  • Lars Bjerregaard  says:

    That’s? another great album, marking a new style for him. I guess it depends on which style of his your’re most fond of 🙂 I just find the 4th to be quite groundbreaking actually, plus I saw it live in concert – amazing.

  • mikey p  says:

    not the album? SO?

  • Reverend Eslam  says:

    Even though the lyrics mean very little to me, I? must say I like “Shock the Monkey” alot. It’s a very unusual and well-made track.

  • Gaspar Melenas  says:

    All PG´s albums are great, but then, something happened after “us” It´s not the? same anymore still, thanks Pete!

  • mimefan  says:

    I’ve just started watching Season 3 of? Miami Vice (Read I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes) but it seems that Peter Gabriel contributed more songs to season 3 then Jan Hammer.

  • 291060ful  says:

    discazo. Gracias!

  • Christian Rosenzweig  says:

    WHAT TOUCH, what a rush, move with it!? CONTACT!

  • triplettam  says:

    Whoa. This and “Melt?” Fuck. This is why we love music, why we laugh and? why we cry. Really.

  • triplettam  says:

    Other than Kate, is? there anybody better?

  • Fernando Bolaños  says:

    Wallflower,? my favorite of the Album!

  • fergusil  says:

    Yeah,I remember they also used “Red Rain”? in MiamiVice .

  • matt murdock  says:

    The Rhythm of the? Heat…one of the best rock songs ever made. Used effectively in an old Miami Vice episode.

  • Zskillit  says:

    San Jacinto… what an amazing song. Still gives me chills.?

  • CnutStolen  says:

    My absolute favorite album by? Pete

  • ksjoyjespeace  says:


  • maltaisjournal  says:

    Je vais? être là aussi, j’ai vraiment hâte!

  • knuppel74  says:


  • knuppel74  says:

    i agree this is his best? album…a real masterpiece

  • alden21  says:

    Gabriel’s best? Album imo…

  • synon9m  says:

    wow, takes me back to? the depressing early 90’s, doing college calculus homework, and never getting laid.

  • Patrick Wagner  says:

    All? of Peter’s songs touch the soul at some level! Brilliant songwriter and performer. I never tire of this live performance DVD.

  • Jem'isha Bippo  says:

    Yes, a very oral experience!?

  • kocean1  says:

    Who? can hear all the truth in what you say
    They can support you when you’re on your way
    It’s your day – a woman’s day… This is your life, this new life has begun…

  • rastas03  says:

    I suppose there is choreography to some of this, but it? really does come across as a playfulness that’s quite infectious.

  • Achmed Lachned  says:

    ca. 93/94?

  • Martina Baasch  says:

    ehrlich gesagt fühl ich mich total? verarscht 🙁

  • Martina Baasch  says:

    welches? Jahr is denn das?

  • powerwindow2  says:

    peter is my boy, but i think that chick is taking over the show. that was an? outstanding performance of that song. i cant make the hair on the back of my neck stand up on my own…..but they can.

  • kocean1  says:

    What great energy in? this song…


    sI? saw a concert in Maryland years ago and he put on a big production like this

  • wewentweko  says:

    They should show this? video in the Middle East, maybe Iraq or Libya?

  • ritaj1965  says:

    Love it? all!

  • conserve1energy  says:

    love? when he dances!!

  • Anthony Marabito  says:

    I’m all for songs that empower women.Peter Gabriel has a written a lot? of great songs.Paula Cole is talented and sexy as hell.That being said, this performance annoys the fuck out of me.

  • tjtube88  says:

    yea!!!!love? it!!

  • stephenlynchfanatic  says:

    Negative opinions….not needed. This is a great concert. And they’re having fun along with the audience..whats wrong with that? :)?

  • josephlouisfreeman  says:

    neo yippies make? me sick. lol

  • ubeentoasted  says:

    I thought he was so sexy, up? until just now. Can’t be unseen! lol

  • cheekyjemmy212  says:

    I love the eehhh thing Peter does. Makes me smile everytime. You can tell he puts everything? into his music because he cares so much.

  • MartinaBC19  says:


  • CCWSig  says:

    touche. lol?

  • melantoriano  says:

    and with Doc Martens boots on….:-)?

  • Helena Brown  says:

    This song? is very spiritual…loved!

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