On the Ground with Nicholas D. Kristof – Win a Trip with Nick

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof invites college students to win a trip to Africa with him. The winner will report, blog and vlog from the field. To apply, upload a video response here or submit an essay. You can find all the info at www.nytimes.com
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 comments to On the Ground with Nicholas D. Kristof – Win a Trip with Nick

  • Totipo  says:

    Is this the proper place to? submit for the 2011 Contest? I don’t see a new 2011 video invitation video.

  • lussiyarotr  says:

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  • bennyUR67  says:

    so he only takes chicks? nice racket!?

  • Xero3g  says:

    I’d? go.

  • MrPrInCe9650  says:

    1 put ur hand over ur mouth
    2 make a wish into? it
    3 close ur hand[into a fist]
    4 put fist? over ur heart 5 sec
    5 send to 3 more vids
    6 2morro will? b ur best day ever?

  • yore5  says:

    POGOBAT! (dan brown) GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • gocause  says:

    check out our song quest for capetown, to see how to win a free trip to south africa through? khaya cookies

  • elementalhealth  says:

    Karen Grencik is a? fantastic choice – you won’t find a brighter, kinder, more positive person. She’s wise and youthful and articulate.
    Take Karen Grencik, Mr. Kristof!

  • ingoole100  says:

    pick dan brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? he rocks

  • Clare Bear  says:

    DAN BROWN!!! #1? Choice

  • pogotar  says:

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  • RockStaramber  says:

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  • miyuI3I  says:

    Dan Brown?

  • Dech8s  says:

    pick Dan Brown?

  • ballerbscott  says:

    Dan Brown is awesome? take him!

  • bookshelfslayer  says:

    I’m wondering how the recent assassinations in Guinea-Bissau will affect your travel plans? It certainly would be an exciting? place to be reporting.

  • Kevin Duff  says:

    take dan? brown!!!!!

  • BonnieBunee  says:

    Apparently none of the rest of us have a chance because Dan? Brown is more popular.

  • rubixtwinke1  says:

    plz pick dan brown!! PLZ!?

  • aznkid435  says:

    he doesn’t need people to advocate nor did he ask anyone. These people are asking? because they know Dan Brown (pogobat) would be a great choice.

  • aznkid435  says:

    You should take Dan Brown (pogobat) with you! he has many subscribers so he can reach out? to many people. He is a great choice! so pick him!

  • slammeyerkopf  says:

    why do all of these people want dan? brown to go this bad is his video that bad that he needs this many people to advocate for him? After watching all the videos I think the most interesting one is done by the contestant nick gibson.

  • enMcKenna  says:

    hey, Dan Brown (Pogobat) is a good choice….?

  • christian nahrstedt  says:

    try to mark the helicopter

  • stefanmohammed45  says:

    hahah chris redfield is running around here punching people in the? face I KNOW IT!

  • jms418p2  says:

    Structures =/= Bridges?

  • doni mardani  says:

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  • Sviana8790  says:

    be a bit reckless?

  • Seth Perkins  says:

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    A? pure stealth run, ran about 4 hours longer

  • 123speedstar  says:

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  • pyroPockys  says:

    are you chinese or? something?

  • killers101able  says:

    min? 4

  • killers101able  says:

    if Pewdiepie saw you doing that to chair HE would beat ?)(&R out of you?

  • reginalda23  says:

    to much sneaky? sneak

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