Nice Africa photos

A few nice africa images I found:

The Teff Harvest, Northern Ethiopia
Image by A.Davey
Men and women harvest the Ethiopian staple grain teff in a roadside field between Axum and Adwa in Northern Ethiopia.

According to Wikipedia:

Teff or taf (Eragrostis tef, Amharic ??ff, Tigrinya ?aff) is an annual grass, a species of lovegrass native to the northern Ethiopian Highlands of northeastern Africa.

It has an attractive nutrition profile, being high in dietary fiber and iron and providing protein and calcium.

It has a sour taste. It is similar to millet and quinoa in cooking, but the seed is much smaller.

Teff is an important food grain in Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it is used to make injera . . . (It is now raised in the USA, in Idaho in particular.)

Because of its small seeds (less than 1 mm diameter), one [person] can hold enough to sow a large area in one hand. This property makes teff particularly suited to a seminomadic lifestyle.

The word "tef" is connected by folk etymology to the EthioSemitic root "?ff", which means "lost" (because of the small size of the grain).

Spotted Hyena and Cubs
Image by jurvetson
Nursing just outside their den in Singita, South Africa.

In the matriarchal clans of the spotted hyena, the alpha female is larger and more aggressive than the males, but they nurse their cubs for 12 to 18 months.

From their appearance and bone structure, some see elements of dog (hunting habits and paws) and some see cat (grooming, mating and social behavior). More recent genetic analysis concludes they are a different evolutionary branch altogether, of the family Hyaenidae. More below…

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