need REALLY cheap accommodation in MARRAKESH?

Question by Bubble: need REALLY cheap accommodation in MARRAKESH?
I need REALLY cheap accommodation in Marrakesh, I’m on a really tight budget (obviously i want it to be decent). There are 2 of us for 6/7 nights end of June. Does anyone have any reccomendations.
Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Patti
Some of the hotels right around Djma El Fna let tourists sleep on top of the flat & walled roof for a small fee, you will probably want a private bathroom but when I was there last there was a group of young French people who brought their sleeping bags and a towel and were sleeping on rooftops.

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  • Lindsey G  says:

    If you get away from Djma el Fnaa a bit, you’ll likely find better rates as they’re not right in the middle of the action in the absolutely most touristic part of the most touristic city in the whole country. I can’t remember the name of the place, but if you’re up for hunting once you arrive, try this hotel: exit Djma el Fnaa main entrance across from the Mosque tower, and turn right. Cross the main thoroughfare and follow in that same direction along the walled garden until you come to a large structure with long slits in the walls that look like the building’s been stabbed with a ginormous knife a whole bunch. turn left there, and go straight until the end of the block with the knife cut looking holes in it, then cross the street (still going the same direction). There’s a white hotel on this block with the entrance about half way down (it’s a very short block). The inside is in shades of pink. It was pretty nice when I stayed there, and it’s within walking distance of the medina, cybercafe, and a market.

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