Making of Famous Movies in 1 Take

Contact me & Twitter @TomAntos Merch: Original Raw Footage: Finished video: Music by Christopher Charles: Starring Jeff Sinasac: Katie Uhlmann: DeStorm: Special thnx to JReyez for helping us out! Camera used Canon 7D with Nikon lens 50mm f1.8 Here is a list of the movies we used: The Gold Rush The Godfather Casablanca Pulp Fiction The Graduate Rocky 2 Home Alone Psycho Terminator 2 Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: Famous Movies in 1 Take Famous Movies in 1 Take

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14 comments to Making of Famous Movies in 1 Take

  • Spencer Honda  says:

    I swear there used? to be a video that explained the leg shot was shot separately…or did I just miss it in this one?

  • michael marichal  says:

    i mean how you track the virtual scenario when the camera follow the? person any where

  • michael marichal  says:

    100 points for? you,i subscribed and i need to know how you can track a virtual set as looks as the person is really there when you croma key,thanks

  • mycydiablog  says:

    you’re a god in? what you’re makin

  • hanuman gee  says:

    It is very usefull to? do somethimg cmgrys

  • bowtiecigars  says:

    Tom, I appreciate your videos!!! I’m new to this film? making thing and learning quite a bit from you. Keep it up. Bow Tie.

  • dannyvillanuevajr  says:

    Wow this seems like a huge challenge. I give you props? Tom.

  • cosmolv  says:

    I work in TV industry about 10 Years, but this is the most amazing take i ever seen in my life! Very creative – 10? Stars for that!

  • Tatiana Collen  says:

    Every single one of you is amazing, talanted and so so sweet.? Really enjoyed it! Well done! <3

  • 6Mephisto666  says:

    I heard about a great place for? Tom Antos… HOLLYWOOD

  • evyboy17  says:

    it would have? been more impressive if you didn’t green screen everything

  • TimatheAuthor  says:

    First of all I want to start off about saying that you are the MAN!!!!I love all of your videos..But I want to know how do? you add those cool links to your you tube videos…Please make a tutorial for me I may be the only one that doesn’t know how to but It would help me out extremly thank you..

  • ChanoPlace  says:

    how did you do the background so smooth,? like the moving car. Can you make a tutorial of that?

  • ulyot26  says:

    Absolutely? amazing!

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