KNYSNA South Africa

Two impressive sandstone cliffs, known as ‘The Heads’, flank the magnificent lagoon of Knysna on the South African coast, close to the Indian Ocean. The Knysna Lagoon is not only popular with tourists, with the combination of both salt and freshwater from the Outeniqua Mountains, it attracts many endangered species of fish. The lagoon is home to the rare Knysna Seahorse that is otherwise known as the Hipocampus Capensis. Moving inland from the estuary and the two Heads, the water becomes increasingly calm. Indeed it is difficult to believe that only a few kilometres away lies one of the most treacherous and feared coastlines in the world. But beyond the lagoon’s rocks and boulders, all is peaceful and idyllic, a place where ornithologists can observe a large variety of birdlife. Due to its magnificent location close to forests, mountains and the ocean, in addition to its increasing number of leisure facilities, Knysna is one of South Africa’s most popular Garden Route destinations.

Video ufficiale dei Litfiba – Africa con Ghigo Renzulli e Piero Pel├╣

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