How do i get started in acting?

Question by love dovey: How do i get started in acting?
I really want to start acting i am 14…….would john casablanca be good there is one close to hear…How do i find auditions

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Answer by psycloune .
Research your nearest theatre in your area. You’ll need to audition and if you make it in, that will be your break.

Another route is to take theatre in school. Middle School and High Schools normally have a class, Theater, to take.

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  • Leng Lui----x  says:

    Google drama workshops or schooling near your area. I’ve never heard of John Casablanca so I dont know, sorry! But unless you have a natural aptitude for drama right now, I’d suggest enrolling in some classes because you don’t want to look silly next to accomplished actors.
    Good luck with it, I know drama is a hard industry to break into!

  • drawingdead0  says:

    Here’s what you need before looking for an agent, or anything like that. You need a headshot, a school picture will work, or you can crop a good picture you have of yourself already, but if you’re really serious, you can hire somebody for a professional photo shoot. Just google it, you’ll figure it out. wear a solid shirt with no logos or patterns for the photoshoot. Also no black or white. All of those things look terrible on camera. Next you need a resume. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, you still need a template that includes theater, film and other experience and any training that you do. Also put special skills, which can be just about anything you can do well, so if you can say, swing a golf club well, use that. Then write a professional sounding cover letter you can put in email and normal mail with your headshot and resume. Finally, you need a 1:00-1:30 monologue to present at auditions. Some of them don’t have material presented for you, you need a couple of those, one comedic, one dramatic, go to a bookstore and ask for monologue books, there’s a lot of them. DO NOT write your own. Other than that, good luck and if you don’t get an agent, the newspaper and internet can be a good place to find auditions. I also recommend taking a class

  • classmate  says:

    Be wary of John Casablancas. (Note how the name is really spelled, with that final “s.”) Do a web search on “John Casablancas” and “scam” for more information.

    To develop your talents and build up your acting experience, get involved in as many plays as you possibly can at your school. Get in touch with community theatres, summer theatres, and year-round professional theatres in your area to find out if they offer youth acting classes and if they have upcoming auditions for performers in your age range.

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