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What To Do When Staying In A Llandudno Hotel

Llandudno is renowned for its beauty and combines modern amenities and locations with Edwardian and Victorian views. It has two beautiful beaches, with the award winning and incredibly popular North Shore as well as the more peaceful West Shore which is lined with sand dunes making it more remote and quiet. As well as its beauty, Llandudno offers a host of places to visit, good food, and friendly and inviting places to drink and enjoy an evening’s entertainment.

Budget And Cost

Budget always plays a part in choosing the most appropriate accommodation. There’s a good selection of Llandudno hotels to choose from ensuring that you can enjoy the right mix of quality and budget that you’re looking for. As with any popular tourist destination prices can vary depending on the time of year, size of your party, length of stay, and the rating of the Llandudno hotel you choose to stay in.

May Bank Holiday

The May bank holiday attracts a lot of visitors to the shores of Llandudno as the whole town revisits and reenacts its Victorian past. A steam fair is joined by vintage cars, typical Victorian street entertainment, and period costumes that bring the town to life with a great feeling of community spirit.

Summer Tourism

The beaches also mean that the summer months are a popular time with sightseers not only from the rest of Britain but from around the world. The seafront Llandudno beaches are especially popular because they offer a very short walk to the beach as well as easy access to shops, entertainment, and sights like Snowdonia National Park and Halfre Gardens Theatre.

Golf courses, tennis courts, and numerous fishing spots also offer popular summer activities.

Winter Tourism

In winter, the proximity to Snowdonia National Park means that the typical Llandudno hotel is still likely to be filled with tourists and sightseers. There is a toboggan run, ski slopes, and various walks that cater to the winter loving visitor.

Llandudno Hotel

Llandudno is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area and with close access to either the beaches or the ski slopes it is popular all year round. Book your Llandudno hotel early to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you get the hotel you want. is perfectly situated on the promenade overlooking the renowned bay; visit our site today for more information on Hotel Llandudno and Llandudno Hotels


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