Help! 100 Greatest Classical Rock Songs!?

Question by Mark: Help! 100 Greatest Classical Rock Songs!?
Okay everyone! I just got a new job scanning medical records, that is extremely easy and repetitive, but the good part about it, is I get to listen to my Ipod the whole time. I thought this would be a good time to experience some new type bands/songs in my favorite music type–classic rock.

To all you classic rock fans- What are 100 songs that every classic rock fan should listen to? I probably will have a lot of the ones said, but Im open to all suggested listenings! 🙂
Great so far! i’ve already started downloading them, Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Pink Floyd are already some of my favorites but its nice to see some new songs.

Best answer:

Answer by jakravens51
Obviously someone’s gonna say Stairway to Heaven but that song is overrated, fo with people like the Doors – Light My Fire or Break On Through and then the Grateful Dead – Truckin’ and Casey Jones

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  • rocky  says:

    Rounabout by Yes
    The Lemon Song by Led Zepplin
    Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath
    Rainbow Demon by Uriah Heep
    Paradise/The Spell by Uriah Heep
    Lucky Man by Emerson Lake & Palmer
    Time by Pink Floyd
    Ukiah by The Doobie Brothers
    American Woman by The Guess Who
    July Morning by Uriah Heep
    The entire Relayer Album by Yes
    anything by Queen
    Mudshark by Frank Zappa & The Mothers
    Hey Joe by Jimmi Hendrix
    All Along the WatchTower by Jimmi Hendrix
    White Room by Cream
    Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Deja Vu, Southern Man by Crosby Stills Nash & Young

  • cryin when i met you  says:

    guns n roses
    1.) knocking on heavens door
    2.) paradise city
    3.) november rain
    4.) Live and let die

    1.) Cryin
    2.) Dream on
    3.) Livin on the edge
    4.) same old song and dance
    5.) Crazy

    bon jovi (yea i know not all of it is classic rock but its good stuff)
    1.) livin on a prayer
    2.) you give love a bad name
    3.) wanted dead or alive
    4.) all about loving you

    AC/DC anything

    The eagles
    1.) HOtel california
    2.) Victim of love
    3.) Life in the fast lane

    Led Zeppelin
    1.) Stairway…
    2.) Good times bad times
    3.) whole lotta love
    4.)Dazed and confused
    5.) Communication breakdown

    does pink floyd count??

    Rolling stones
    Almost anything off of forty licks album

    Van halen…jump, why cant this be love, hot for teacher

    good luck and have fun!!!!! hope this wasnt redundant to what u already have… 😀

  • Emily  says:

    Black Magic Woman
    Smoke on the Water
    Sunshine of my Love
    Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    Stairway to Heaven
    Bad to the Bone
    Dream On
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Hotel California
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Do You Believe In Magic
    Hound Dog
    Like A Rolling Stone
    American Woman
    Light my Fire
    November Rain
    Living on a Prayer
    Sweet Child O’ Mine
    With or Without You
    Hey Jude
    Purple Haze
    Another Brick in the Wall
    Purple Rain

    that’s what I have 🙂

  • Justin W  says:

    1. Entire Appetite For Destruction Album
    2. Get In The Ring
    3. Shotgun Blues
    4. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
    5. November Rain
    6. Perfect Crime
    7. Hair of The Dog
    8. Entire Chinese Democracy Album

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