Harar children (Ethiopia)

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Harar children (Ethiopia)
Image by Ahron de Leeuw
Harar children (Ethiopia)

Harar (Ethiopia) is a magical place! See my Harar photo series.
If you have only 12 days to finally visit Africa, you should perhaps focus on one place: let it be Harar, Ethiopia (July 2006).
For centuries, until about 1860, it was an independent city at the borders of two different worlds: the Abbysinian mountains and the deserts stretching to the Red Sea coast. Trade and religious affairs (Muslim) must have alternated primacy during its history. As a holy city to Islam it feels as a surprisingly relaxed place. Tom Waits can not imagine the kind of dark yet exalted bars you find here at night. The size of the walled old city is at least half that of Jerusalem’s old city. Most important the people are really open and the city is one of the world’s few cities that within a few days demonstrate their very own distinct living atmosphere you’ll never forget.
(See also my friend Elmer’s photos from this trip, where by change you can also see me on a photo.)

28th February 2005
Image by Paul Watson
I have done more than my fair of shooters but this one I won’t touch; a tot of methylated spirits. They call it "blou trein" (blue train) here in South Africa. Another common way of "drinking" it is through a loaf of bread which supposedly filters out the bad stuff. Not that it filters much judging by the state of most people who partake in that practice.

We used this for a fondue last night.

BTW this was lit with a mini-maglite held in one hand.

Congo Buffalo
Image by Durotriges
Classified as Lower Risk, the Congo or Forest Buffalo can be found in Africa’s Rainforest. Mainly grazing on grass and lower level leaves, they are nevertheless powerful fighters and can run at speeds of up to 57 km/hr. Note the swept back horns like the Bongo which allows them to escape predators without tangling up in vegetation.

Where humans have introduced domestic cattle, buffalo populations have sometimes been affected by diseases and parasites carried by the cattle. Buffalo are also threatened by illegal hunting and loss of habitat.


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