Do you think that Kerry Rhodes can fill Antrel Rolle’s place?

Question by : Do you think that Kerry Rhodes can fill Antrel Rolle’s place?
I think so because Kerry Rhodes is the best safety in my opinion, and he is my favorite player.

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Answer by Shutdown Corner
No, lol.

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4 comments to Do you think that Kerry Rhodes can fill Antrel Rolle’s place?

  • Nate  says:

    Maybe. But I think that this will be a rebuilding year for the Cardinals. They lost Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin and Karlos Dansby in addition to Rolle.

    That is an awful lot of talent to try and replace. I just don’t see Arizona remaining competitive next year if the 49ers do anything at all to improve themselves. Arizona will probably spend this year rebuilding and trying to compete in 2011 or 2012.

  • The Arizona Buckeye  says:

    I think we have upgraded from Rolle to a bigger, stronger guy with more sacks, tackles, & INT over the last four years. Our DB coach is from the Jets and Rhodes had his best production with him. Tackling was THE big knock on our DBs last season. Kerry should help a little with that.
    See my answer at the link below for my take on the player loss situation.

  • Rex Ryan  says:

    He can definitely fill Rolle’s place, but he is far from the best safety, and this is coming from a Jets fan that’s watched him a ton.

    He has great range and excels in deep zone coverage, but he’s not a great tackler, is real soft, just isn’t that fast and doesn’t make plays.

    If you’re a Cardinals fan be happy, because the Jets got hosed in this deal. I just hope that Tannenbaum has something up his sleeve.

  • Peanut Buttter Jelly Time  says:

    no I think Kerry Rhodes is very overrated. he had an amazing season 2 yrs ago but I think it was just a lack of knowledge about this guy and he is only a one trick pony. Rolle was a better safety and I think the Jets made out in getting a 4 and a 7 for him. I expect AZ will be the same offensive beast it was and will need to some serious work on Defense and Rhodes for Rolle is not apples to apples

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