DJ Angelo @ The Sun Festival, Marrakech

Official DJ Angelo website and merchandise store: Highlights of my week in Marrakech and my final performance at the Sun Festival in the November 16th Square. Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the following http http Become a Facebook fan at: FREE mixtape download: DJ Angelo’s music page: Follow DJ Angelo on Twitter: Follow DJ Angelo on Myspace: DJ Angelo http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dans le cadre des rencontres en marge du Festival Garorock de Marmande 2011, l’équipe de Korsa vous propose une virée avec Blitz The Ambassador.

16 comments to DJ Angelo @ The Sun Festival, Marrakech

  • jcue  says:

    i? second that!

  • ferniiko  says:

    dj in all your expression! Damn, you are awesome man, nice beats, nice artist , hip hop all day? every day! Keep it real ..

  • franck le maitre  says:

    Anyone? know what’s playing at? 5.50 ?? , thanks

  • Jay Son  says:

    nice set and nice outfit matching the turntables? 😛

  • BustedNoize  says:

    Being in this game for so long…..Angelo is a rarity…you cant question his skills, and ? he rocks a crowd to perfection. So nice to see a dope turntabilist,dj, crowd entertainer in one, who is humble yet confident. Angelo you rock homey!!

  • Chris Udo Marquardt  says:

    8:53 🙁
    the? mix is so fucking nice 🙁
    i NEED the Name 🙁

  • ????? ????????  says:

    This guy is? absolutely fantastic!

  • Caide18  says:

    Anyone know what’s? playing at 3:46?

  • Julio C. Luciano  says:

    Can? somebody put this guy out? Cause he was on fire!

  • kj22697  says:

    your an inspiration man, i can only hope that one day ill get? close to your level

  • jolejo1  says:

    damn, your just? the shit angelo. so motivating/insperating, the tables have to turn, much love from germany!

  • Luiz Carlos  says:


  • Gonzalo Mena  says:

    ¡Es? espectacular!

  • mikelookin  says:

    Thats cool? I guess

  • MrMomomby  says:

    Pourquoi la vidéo de? KORSA avec Redone a été bloquée ?

    le message qui s’affiche

    ‘Cette vidéo a été bloquée dans votre pays par l’utilisateur qui l’a mise en ligne.
    Opération impossible’


  • DALzain  says:

    i love this show!?

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