Cat Paws – Special Cookies for Eid

To print this recipe, click this link: Ramadan is almost finished, and Eid is next week! In Morocco, we cook special dishes to celebrate Eid: in the morning we prepare a fancy breakfast with Baghrir, Msemmen, Fried Msemmen stuffed with almonds, and other fancy pastries. At lunch time, we make tagine of meat with caramelized prunes or steamed lamb shoulder flavored with cumin, and in the afternoon, we serve the not-to-be-missed Moroccan mint tea and cookies! So today, I am going to show you how to prepare a special cookie called “Cat Paws”, which is basically 2 cookies shaped into cat paws, sandwiched with a filling, and dipping in chocolate! This is a small cookie with big flavors!!! you are going to love it!
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34 comments to Cat Paws – Special Cookies for Eid

  • Wajih Edmond Tohme  says:

    My Favorites ?

  • 1911redroses  says:

    Plzzz anyone tell me what is the filling she? used other than jam??????? Plzzz reply asap

  • Bam Btissam  says:

    yes? it is

  • MrPerla2005  says:

    That is the name (&? brand) we call it in Mexico too.

  • Dixon TImothy  says:

    thanks for the recipe..i’ve tried? it….yummy!

  • nazder776  says:

    I am? sorry the origin of these cookies are not Moroccan, the North Africans make them but they are from Europe, I know the recipe and it’s a very yammy cookie since I was a kid, it’s exactly like millefeuilles ou les eclaires and others pastry from Europe and one more thing you should not put the cookies in the refrigerator And thank u

  • BintIslamiya  says:

    Thanks Alia, this recipe is just perfect! I have done it this afternoon and my family just? love it! Merci Beaucoup!

  • BintIslamiya  says:

    Great Video! I will try them next week! I remember when we were? young, my mother used to prepare it for Eid. Thanks.

  • luvuJesusmySavior  says:

    Those are the most beautiful cookies I’ve ever seen! They look so? perfect!

  • metal9023  says:

    Same question different ingredient.? Lol I don’t have powdered sugar, can view use splenda ?

  • aysha patel  says:

    how many? cookies are made in 1 batch

  • aysha patel  says:

    how many cookies are made in 1? batch

  • cookingwithalia  says:

    not really. cornstarch is Maizena? (if you live abroad that’s what they call it).

  • Talatshabbir  says:

    My kids will love these? just what I was looking for. Can you tell me is corn starch the same as cornflour?

  • preciousarabian  says:

    Love? it! Thank u soooooo much ya habibti. This is exactly what I need…simple delicious recipes nothing complicated at all.

  • daynightification  says:

    Das? ist Gut gute Idee tbarkellah 3likom chabab tari9a zwinaaaa w bejahd

  • Julie Barks  says:

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    Kenny? Hotz

  • SouFyaneFTW  says:

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  • mohamad hekk  says:

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  • marwan sadik  says:

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  • Tarik Zerouane  says:

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  • Lys Ridder  says:

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  • Achraf Késh  says:

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  • Naruto Uzumaki  says:

    This video Moved My Heart +S’abonner?

  • jjamalkaddioui  says:

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  • walid sallami  says:

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  • Mido Ahlawy  says:

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  • 999sailormoon  says:

    NCHLAH te3erfoooooooooo FEL3ALAM KAMELLLLLLLLL !! ?

  • 999sailormoon  says:

    BEST EVER MAFIA BLANCHE JE SUIS UNE FAN ! j’adore votre? rap .. kiwerina kolchii .. rap dyalkom ki2atar fel9alb welahila Mercii bezaaaaaaaaaf ^^

  • issam nece  says:

    bravooo !! mafia blanch?

  • Mahrady Dounia  says:

    poooof !!! Bravooo Drariiiii sujet Niveau Dyalo tala3 Bzeeef? Bravo Mafia Blanche !!!!

  • sami mazhar  says:


  • Elbasroui Sama  says:

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  • Stounage  says:

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