Best moroccan city to visit for 2 days??

Question by jo: Best moroccan city to visit for 2 days??
i want to experience as much as possible

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Answer by Moroccan
look here and choose you Best City:


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3 comments to Best moroccan city to visit for 2 days??

  • So Me  says:

    Then Marrakech is for you! And then if you have time you can visit Agadir which is 3 hours away from Marrakech. Enjoy your holiday!

  • wywy  says:

    Agadir definately. Marrakech is sooo hot in the summer

  • Rawan D  says:

    all of them would be great to visit for two days. there something to do in every single one. if yous going to visit morocco it will be better to stay about two months radier them two days their so much to do i would know im moroccan myslef and i visit for only two months and i just dont want to leave to come back to the staes and my regular life.

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