Africa in Pain of Its Politics

Africa in Pain of Its Politics

Africa in Pain of Its Politics

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Home Page > News and Society > Politics > Africa in Pain of Its Politics

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Africa in Pain of Its Politics

By: Demba
Posted: Dec 30, 2008


One of Africa’s century-old racially segregated, witnessing in most recent times what imperialism can still do to a whole nation; South Africa.

As an insider of African politics, growing there, being there, being impacted by; I can tell you that the funniest and assuredly the craziest thing is that the damage those local politics do has more destructive impact than whatever direct rulers would have ever done even in apartheid times, whatever colonialists would have already done to former colonies.

Nowadays throughout Africa local politics under influence of foreign forces (interests…) are perpetrating huge treason to their people mostly illiterate…to their advantages!

The world have watched happening right before our eyes, Political Unrest followed by unfinished massacre scenes in Rwanda, in Congo, in Liberia, in Sudan and unexpectedly in Ivory Coast and soon in Senegal.

The African American community, the African diaspora so to speak has a major role in preventing and entering into play in that international arena of preventive diplomacy wherever required in Africa… it’s not just about following the lead of those corrupt governments to give oneself a sense of collaborative approach, the best citizen-oriented initiatives are led by civil society organisations in Africa… and a thoughtful and delicate filtering of those organisations is a MUST for any foreign assistance scheme to avoid infiltration by those same negative “Club, family interests group” we’re supposed to be fighting in an attempt to recover African dignity in this 21st Century.

In South Africa Thabo Mbeki is ousted following an open frivolous campaign orchestrated by the British Empire… in Ivory Coast after Rwanda and Congo…in Sudan after conflicting interests of the Godfathers civilians are paying the price from their blood, family dispersion, community and environmental destruction.

Until then, until a major an consistent Diaspora public opinion is harnessed by the fierce urgency of now, information and communication with and from any news media is the key to sustaining and shaping that Mandatory Collective Diaspora Response to local African woes… efficiently and with due speed, South Africa, Senegal, Congo, Sudan and other parts of Africa cannot allow or permit the dynamic process of reform to slow down…Actually, you know it or not, enemies of DEMOCRACY operate All in the background of all governments in Africa, they’re all Old western colonial emperors and empires who fed slavery in All Ways, Lumumba with Belgium, France in Central/West Africa, South Africa with the British Kings…wishing to expand and sustain their privileges in Old African lands, worse yet to come, when the European Union will be chaired by its former Blair.

Consequently, from the civil society standpoint, the process of fundamental reform and all it that entails, is the first priority, not only among CLEAN politicians, but among all legitimate organisations, columnists, academics, and especially the man in the street are thinking and talking about reform continuously…Media is being guarded pond of the State in most African nations, leading to less freedom of Speech.

And yes we have two choices:
1- Whether we weep for the seemingly saddening, sickening share of Africa, Or
2- We stand the path to networking for a sustainable & prosperous Africa and its people…Advocating the Cause!

Beyond good wills, and grass root initiatives, we have to launch some sorts of Preventive Diplomacy Agenda towards African countries now we’re witnessing a contrary trend to this new century turning point… From Any STANDPOINT… the only chance for Africa to unite with its Diaspora and itself…

While I finish these lines a Bob Marley song comes in background: ”There’s a natural mystic blowing in the air. If you listen carefully now you will hear.”

It’s been song, chanted in the churches, prayed for in mosks, foreseen in many dreams… The same way Jews are helping Israel in all ways, Africa will be or will not be following whatever disposition its scattered diaspora will be doing for it. Unfortunately it seems like most are not getting it.

M. Demba N.

Demba – About the Author:

An average African citizen Highly motivated in sustainable development, Environmental Management, Cultural Competency, Freelance IT Professional.



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