Abdelhalim Hafid Sawah

Abdel Halim Hafez of kortweg Abdel Halim (Arabisch: ??? ?????? ????), alias Abdelhalim Chabana (Halwat, 21 juni 1929 – Londen, 30 maart 1977) was een populaire Egyptische zanger en acteur in de jaren 50′ tot de jaren 70′. Al andalib al asmar, of de bruine nachtegaal, zoals hij hij nog werd genoemd, wordt beschouwd als een van de grootste zangers ooit uit de Arabische wereld. Abdelhalim Hafid Sawah -combeat Mortaji Ahmed Abdel halim hafid Khenifra Tadla Rif Hoeceima Nador Utrecht Amsterdam Parijs Tafersit Beni mellal Marrakech Tamazight Amazigh Marokko Nederland Atlas
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16 comments to Abdelhalim Hafid Sawah

  • 66113011  says:

    ya5a6eer 9ootk gnaan 9eeg allah er7mk??

  • 66113011  says:

    ya5a6eer 9ootk gnaan? 9eeg allah er7mk?

  • idrissiamine1974  says:

    une très belle voix.c est un héritage? très cher,et un patrimoine mondial..

  • abedqutishat94  says:

    Respect :)?

  • Ronaldoo91  says:

    yes we r? not 🙂

  • MrAndyw1984  says:

    thank u for this video the best singer in the? world

  • ELIASBARNS1  says:

    we spok arabic as you, as our egyptien? brothers.all the problemes between our two contrys where made by moubarek and his sons and bad used by our corrupted governement..do? you supporte them?i respect and appreciate the brave egyptien peaple.he gives us and to all of the world , as tunisiens before him, the bigest lesson of democracy.

  • Mregypt83  says:

    lol? we arent even arab

  • Uzi Star  says:

    this singer was the best preformer with the best voice in the world with this? song SAWAH best in the WORLD !!!

  • safarkhasab  says:

    sweet? song

  • SaWaF88  says:

    lol your joking right??

  • hawazinxx  says:

    best song

  • ELIASBARNS1  says:

    what a grat singer.i am algerian but i witness that egypt and egyptians are the star of? arabics

  • sarah40611  says:

    le meilleur chanteur qui a jamais existé sur terre je le trouve incomparable? abdel halim alah ra7mike

  • XxGame360xX  says:

    j adort c est mon amour eternel?

  • mowafagouli  says:

    For all times, one of the Best. please take us there, where in black and white all the? colors shine through the way he sings, the words he sings, , ,
    Al Asmerani

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