A South Africa Permit to Work Opens Doors of Opportunity

A South Africa Permit to Work Opens Doors of Opportunity

A South Africa Permit to Work Regulates Foreign Workers?

As is the case in most countries, the local economy depends on a balance between jobs available and skilled workers capable of filling those positions.  South Africa permits to work are necessary to maintain that balance.  A South Africa permit to work will be issued to any qualifying individual that is a skilled member of an industry that lacks sufficient numbers of local workers to fill the needs of the country.  Permits will not be issued to skilled foreign professionals if there are native South Africans qualified to fill open positions.

South Africa encourages all forms of business ventures.  Businesses of special interest to the government of South Africa are those that will bring in funds from abroad.  Business people that plan to employ locals to manufacture and export goods will easily be granted work permits.  If you have a sound business plan you will have no problem getting a South Africa permit.

All Non Citizens Must Obtain a South Africa Permit in Order to Work?

If you intend to earn a living in South Africa in any way you must receive a South Africa permit to work.  If a company has offered you a position in South Africa it is necessary for you to have an approved permit before commencing work.  As was discussed earlier, all foreign entrepreneurs are required to obtain work permits before starting up new businesses.  Even if you plan to visit a branch of a company that you own at least a 25% controlling interest in, you must first have a permit.  Even those planning to stay in the country for a short time in order to film a movie or documentary must apply for a work permit.  To sum it up, all foreign born individuals that have not been granted South African citizenship must have a South Africa permit to work before they can legally earn any money in this country.

A South Africa Permit to Work is Different than a Work-seeker’s Permit

Some individuals intending to immigrate to South Africa are fortunate enough to receive several job offers prior to actually moving into the country.  If you find yourself in this position it is a good idea to apply for a work-seeker’s permit.  This type of permit will allow you to enter the country to meet with prospective employers to help you decide which job is right for you.  Keep in mind that it is unlawful to seek employment with any company that is not specified on your permit.

A South Africa permit gives you more than simply the right to talk with an employer about a job.  This type of permit gives you the right to actually work.  If you have accepted a position within a South African company, your South Africa permit must be approved before you can enter the country.  Just like the other permit, seeking employment somewhere other than the company named on your work permit is against the law.

South Africa permit contains all the important factors that will appeal to you learning more on the requirements needed to visit or move to South Africa. But not only is that important but you will find more information on how to be prepared before arrival and how to settle in once you are here. We offer services and suggestions when it comes to the complications of legal factors. All you will need to know about South Africa, their requirements and what to expect when you arrive you will find under the one roof of this very helpful website.

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