will Justin Bieber make an appearance at selena’s concert?

Question by autum g: will Justin Bieber make an appearance at selena’s concert?
I wanted to know if Justin Bieber, will be making an appearance. At Selena’s concert. On september 12,11 when she performs at the Puyallupfair in Puyallup,wa.

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Answer by hollisterr12
Justin Bieber already made a appearance at her concert in Orange County California. Washington is very popular but I don’t think Justin Bieber would make an appearance there. Justin Bieber is not touring with Selena Gomez and he only shows up where it is closer to where he lives and where he is at like California Los Angeles, CA stuff like that. Justin Bieber only made one appearance I don’t really think he will do one again. But he has to make his new album “Believe” before he starts touring again. Justin Bieber doesn’t really seem to visit small places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, unless he is on tour. His new album “Believe” is coming out on November 14th he has said something about it on Twitter same with all the Bieber fans and that he is having another tour in December-January. He doesn’t plan on doing anymore concerts or tours until he finishes his new album. But he will be doing interviews, radio interviews, C.D. signings (he always does C.D signings whenever he makes a new album) and book signings. Me and a few other Beliebers has been trying for about a year and a few months for him to come to my town and one Belieber that was helping knew someone that worked for 96.5 radio station and they helped us also they got a hold of Wilson Warren (a guy that schedules Justin Bieber’s schedule) and so he told 96.5 Kiss FM that he was working on a book signing schedule. So he might come to for a book signing or anything but keep your eye open cause he could show up whenever. If you have a Twitter that is great because then you would know what is on his book signing schedule the latest news about Justin Bieber are on Twitter way before it is on E! News so if you don’t have a Twitter I would recommend you to have one. :]

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