What are the best coupon sights and subscriptions?

Question by : What are the best coupon sights and subscriptions?
I’ve started using coupons more often lately to save money but for some reason I don’t receive the pennysaver or any coupon booklets in the mail that most services just automatically send. Is there any way I can call whoever sends them out and if there are any online sources I could look into? Thanks everyone!

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Answer by www.inakidsworld.com
Here are the 3 sites I use for online printing of coupons. No need to pay for a subscription. These are the coupons that appear in the newspaper.




Also check out http://www.southernsavers.com. She has other printable coupons as they come out and she matches all the available coupons up to sales at each grocery and drugstore. I use her site every time I go to the store and I have saved a ton because of her!

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