Q&A: What is the current population of the sloth?

Question by bluebirdy569: What is the current population of the sloth?
I need to know before Monday.
You could also give me the latest population of the sloth, mainly the three-toed sloth.

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Answer by ????? _–Six Paths of Pain–_ ??
It depends on what species of sloth. Plus it is hard to tell the current population. They are very reclusive animals who hide deep in forests on the tops of trees.

@I don’t have the current population, but I have the 2006 chart of it.:

IUCN Status:

* 1960′s: Indeterminate
* 1970′s: Rare
* 1980′s – 1994: Endangered
* 1996 – 2004: Endangered (Criteria: A1cd) (Population Trend: Decreasing) (IUCN 2004)
* 2006: Endangered (Criteria: B1ab(i,ii,iii)) (Population Trend: Decreasing) (IUCN 2006)

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