Q&A: Can I take the Panama Canal Full Tour?

Question by Jaboo: Can I take the Panama Canal Full Tour?
I’m looking to go to Panama in September for Labor Day weekend. Anyway, the tours seem like you can only do the full canal on September 20th, I’m looking more towards August 30th. Is there any full tours on that day?

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Answer by tomas
the tour i went on was only going twice a week. i just missed one that morning, the next one was 4 days away. i don’t remember the company. it was april when i went. september is the rainy season, so maybe it is only once a week at that time of year. there has got to be more than one company doing this tho. search the web…here are two



there are more…….i did not purchase any tour up here. since i was down in central america for one year (and in panama for maybe15-20 days….i just went to the panama tourism center and found a company and a date.

it cost me 100 dollars back in 1998, now it could be double? anyhow, it was well worth it for a FULL tour where you bus back to panama when finished.

don’t miss it! and have fun in all of panama!!

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