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Some cool music images:

out of the blue (love came rushing in)

Image by onkel_wart (thomas lieser)
Inspired by the song "Out of the Blue" by Roxy Music

All your cares
Now they seem
Oh so far away
All your fears
I fear I once shared
Now I know
There’s a future
For all of us
Not so long ago
I was so scared
You seemed so sad
I could see
Through your twisted smile
So unsure
Always confused
Pale blue eyes
Gazing down
From your ivory tower
Through the haze
All broken and bruised
Then: out of the blue
Love came rushing in
Out of the sky
Came the sun
Out of left field
Came a lucky day
Out of the blue
No more pain
I don’t mind
If it’s only
A passing craze
Throwaway lines
Often ring true
If I were you
I would stay
For a little while
I you were me
Would you walk out
In style?


cats on pianos

Image by the|G|™


this is carlito’s [carlito – look!] work. a quick doodle when he was at the house.

the ‘cats on pianos’ is his description of the music i tend to play most of the time. ambient. very.

he described one eno album [neroli] as ‘like tiny little cats walking slowly up and down a piano keyboard.’

i have to admit, that’s how it sounds. and i love it.

the ‘big kit kat’ reference alludes to the uncalled for rage i displayed when carlito mentioned he did not care for the new ‘larger’ kit kat biscuit.

we were in a small shop near preston at the time.

i hope this goes some way to clarification.

i feel i must reiterate [see tags] i do not like metal.

i also have a feeling if ‘the justified sinner’ [justified] sees this, he will berate my lack of grammatical symbols.

‘cats on pianos’ seems neither a possessive case nor a contraction.


FM Dallas

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