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Water Drop Experiment #8
canon flash

Image by Nikhil Verma
Experiment with water drops using my point and shoot Canon S3IS camera, I had to get really close the object to get a decent macro hence had to deal with a lot of water splatter on the lens !

the kit – G9, diopter, ring flash, and FOUR adapters.
canon flash

Image by lemurdillo
finally, i found the last piece of the puzzle, a 49mm – 55mm step-up ring, that will allow me to use my raynox macro diopter with my sigma macro ring flash on my canon G9.

Sigma produces 5 different adapters for its ring flash, from 55mm to 77mm, but the front of the diopter is 49mm. When looking for a step-up ring, I was told by various camera stores things like "no one uses those anymore," and "huh? what’s a step-up ring?"

Fortunately, this set-up will work with my new dSLR (soon! soon!) … won’t need the first of the FOUR adapters, but i’ll have a big honkin’ lens and camera in its place.

Day 77 – The Settee
canon flash

Image by Christophe Verdier
Strobist info :
On my left : canon 580exII 1/32 zoom 105 in the direction of the celling
In front of me : Nikon SB 28 1/4 zoom 24 with Wescott Softbox 28"
Below settee : canon 430ex 1/2 zoom 24 behind the settee ans Nikon SB24 1/4 zoom 24 below
Triggered with Pocket Wizard II’s

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