Let’s Make Beverage Coasters From CDs

Coasters protect our tables from spills and the hot bases of mugs or glasses. They serve as the protective material that keeps our furniture looking clean, new and shiny. You can buy beer coasters from shops or you can make your own. It is fun and fulfilling to make your own drink coasters especially if you do so from waste material.

There are simple ways to manufacture your own coasters. If you bought a CD and were disappointed with the sound quality, what can you do with it? Or if you have a data CD with outdated information, what will you do with it? Well, you will probably toss it into the bin. It is useful however to know that you can turn them into coasters.

Making beer coasters from CDs is much easier because a CD is already a round object so you don’t need to cut it out to a circular shape. The only cutting that we will be doing will be the shaping of the felt material into a circular shape.
You will need to cut out the felt material as the exact shape of the CD circumference and then affix it to the base of the CD by using an adhesive, preferably glue. You will attach the felt at the data side of the CD where it is shiny and not at the label side where you have the print. The idea of using felt is to protect your table or desk from scratches.

You can make the drink coaster more durable or rugged by combing two CDs into one. You will only need to use adhesive to join them.

So you have built your coasters from simple materials. Now you can enjoy your cup of coffee or cold beer with the gratification that you manufactured your own coasters.

Jim Slate is an artist and designer. To see his line of absorbent, natural drink coasters visit Coasters.PebbleZ.com where you will find a wide and varied collection of slate, sandstone, marble, gemstone, and onyx coasters.

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