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Image by U.S Embassy Kabul Afghanistan
The Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), R.Gil Kerlikowske meets Afghan and American officials at a dinner held at the U.S Ambassadors residence on Feb 01, 2010. The third day in Afghanistan, Kerlikwoske visited the Sanga Amaj Treatment Center run by Social Services for Afghan Women (SSAW). This drug treatment center is populated by Afghan women addicted to opiates and their children that they bring to stay with them through-out their inpatient treatment.

Kennedy presses for answers on state's preparedness for prescription drug abuse
At a public hearing in Albany, Senator Kennedy questioned OASAS Executive Deputy Commissioner Sean Byrne about what actions the agency is taking to meet the mounting challenges of opiate painkiller addiction and its effects. Kennedy also pushed for …

Addiction services to be 'mainstreamed'
The HSE's Regional Service Plan 2013, which was launched yesterday Thursday, highlighted that the “continued additional funding” for addiction services in Cork city will “ensure the targets for assessment and treatment of opiate addiction will be …
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Vicoden: side effects and treatments

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