Jailbreak – “The FBI…” (Part 13: Chilled w/ FaceCam)

ChilledChaos is back in Jail…this time he is by himself, and he brought a Camera. Let’s see if he can escape this hellhole..unharmed. See you in the next part! Leave a Rating if you want! It’s free! You can Subscribe by clicking this link! Thank you! www.youtube.com Jailbreak is a CS game type in which you either play as a Warden or a Prisoner. The concept is simple, but the results will be varied. The Wardens are in complete charge of the prisoners, making up rules and requests. The Prisoners can either choose to obey these laws and live…or attempt to fight back and possibly die Need a server host? Check these guys out (Coupon Code: ChilledChaos) cubedhost.org Follow me on the Internets! www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.reddit.com We are the lowest of the low…the bump in the night…we are…Criminal Scum.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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