I want to relocate to Dallas or outside areas of the city,?

Question by chinadoll071512004: I want to relocate to Dallas or outside areas of the city,?
how are the hotel jobs and affordability of apartment rentals.
I am in my 40s with 2 kids,one is going to college and the other is in middle school.I love the Arts and a lot of outdoor coffee shops and family outings.

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Answer by jvtech
Much more information would help with the answer. How old are you, what things do you like, any kids? There are hundreds of hotels in the Dallas area, at all price levels. I am sure you could find a job at one with no problem. There are also apartments all over, just depends on your price range and if you prefer in Dallas or near by.

You might look at Addison Circle in Addison just north of Dallas. There are lots of hotels nearby, and Addison Circle has apartments, shopping, coffee places, and a park all in a central area. It is very close to Dallas where you can go to museums. Not sure about schools in the area. If you are looking for a more family area, check out Frisco, also north of Dallas.

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