Episode 56 – 28-12-2006

Menka shows Rasik the letter written by Satyakam. Menka tells him that the matter would get interesting when Lakshmi would reciprocate Satyakam’s feelings! Menka gives the book to Lakshmi who reads Satyakam’s letter where he confesses his feelings for her and asks her to meet him in the temple next morning. She runs towards the door and stops short when she remembers her father’s warning. Just then, Menka pretends to have immense pain in her leg and pleads Lakshmi to get some herbal medicine from the priest in the temple. Meanwhile, Saraswati phones her family and tells them that she is fine. Bhavishya enters the room just then and demands to know whom she was talking to, so she replies that she had phoned her family to say they were in Mauritius. He asks her to order a fresh towel from room service and the person who answers her phone is none other than Kshitij! Kshitij goes to give the towel, when a colleague says that manager has summoned him. On the other hand, Lakshmi meets Satyakam in the temple and he confesses his feelings for her but she replies that she had only considered him a friend but he had betrayed her trust by loving her! Is this the end of their relationship?

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