Duct Sealing & PTCS (B509)

Duct Sealing & PTCS (B509)
Event on 2013-02-20 20:30:00

A Note About Ticket Types:  

There are three different Ticket Types. You will need to choose the appropriate one in order to register. 

Weatherization (WX) Agency, Tribal, or WA State Department of Commerce Staff:
Those who are employees of a Commerce-recognized Wx Agency, a staff member of one of WA State's Tribes (with approval by Commerce), or Commerce staff. The list of Commerce-recognized Weatherization Agencies can be viewed here

Wx Agency-Associated Contractor:
Contractors working under one of the Wx Agencies (see above).  At registration, you will be required to list the Wx Agency(ies) you are associated with.

General Public/Non-Associated Contractor:
Those who neither work for nor under (as a contractor) one of the Wx Agencies (see above). 


Duct Sealing & PTCS

16 hours

Cost:  0.00 (includes .00 Washington State Lead Certification Fee)


Instructor:  Chris Clay


Description Coming Soon…

at Building Performance Center
3406 Redwood Avenue
Bellingham, United States

FM Washington

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