[Dubstep] – Truth ft. Datsik – Too Late (Megalodon Remix)

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Amar is jostled away by the crowd. Sindoora asks Chandra to trace Amar because he is in Delhi. Sindoora asks Mahua where Rajiv is, so she replies that he has gone to Agra. Meanwhile, Amar is dying of hunger but has very little money, so he decides to sell his ring but the owner does not accept it. However, he gives Amar a job in his restaurant as a delivery boy. Meanwhile, Sindoora is pleased that Kamna is pregnant. Samrat requests Sindoora to bring the wedding forward but she suggests that he wait for only a few days more. Sindoora then tells Chandra that Divya will know at the pre-nuptial function next day that Kamna is carrying Samrat’s baby. Rajiv returns home and Sindoora asks him whether he had thought that she would not realise his motive behind going to Benares. Rajiv later apologises to Mahua for being unable to tell her the truth right away. Sindoora asks Chandra not to let Rajiv out of the house and deprive him of all the money. They are surprised to see Divya offer prayers with Uma and hear her sing the same hymn that Vidya used to. Sindoora asks Divya how she knows the hymn, so she replies that she doesn’t know the answer. Sindoora suspects that Divya is regaining her memory but is hiding it from them. She promises Chandra to find out by next day whether the girl is Divya or Vidya!

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