DDoS – Who got to see the Perseid meteor shower – Vlog Day 370 12082012

Today, yet another lazy day. I was supposed to work on some projects but in the end Inky and I decided to LP Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Our neighbors suck a big one as yet again they have a BBQ just as we hang out our washing and we have a most epic late night meal. Check Out Geoffs vlogs over at youtube.com Remember if you read this… You’re a King, Queen or… bacon sandwich… Dont forget to check out Quiche’s Vlog and Chalky’s Let’s Plays www.youtube.com and www.youtube.com Dont forget to check out Dulayne’s Channels youtube.com If you like Vlogs dont forget to check out Zabermoul youtube.com and live streams at www.twitch.tv Thank Shade788 for the epic live stream and channel graphics www.twitch.tv Inky’s Obvious Quiche www.youtube.com You can help support the vlog, SLR and TBNS through our Amazon Store goo.gl FAQ Camera & Audio Gear Camera – Canon 60D with kit lens: goo.gl Vlogging Camera – Sony HX9V Canon 50mm 1.8 lens goo.gl Audio Recorder – Zoom H4n: goo.gl Audio Interface – Centrance MicPort Pro: goo.gl Microphone – MXL 2003a: goo.gl “NewYorican” The Book by AC Cruz goo.gl The Big Nerd Show (TBNS) thebignerdshow.com and http Pirate Mondays www.facebook.com If you like the content comment and thumbs up damn it… Zen Archer: Youtube.com and thecafezen.com Places I’m @ Website bit.ly Live Streams: bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly Google+: bit.ly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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