Cool Wide Lens images

Some cool wide lens images:

From top to the bottom
wide lens

Image by Miroslav Petrasko (
It’s stunning how much you can get into one shot by using a wide angle lens. I set up my tripod low and close to the seas, so I could have the seats and also the ceiling in a single shot. And it worked. I used the Canon 16-35mm lens here, at 16mm. It created quite a lot of distortion, when you are so close to your subject, but I don’t mind.

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wide lens

Image by astrobuddha
Diana+ 38mm Super Wide lens test shots. Why? Because I can! ;)

Wide Angle
wide lens

Image by EJ Imageries
Taken whilst working at Jessops with a 28mm wide angle lens. – Digital Cameras, Digital Photography Review, News, Reviews, FAQ, Tips

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