Cool Sigma Lens images

A few nice sigma lens images I found:

Decepticons! Begin our assault!
sigma lens

Image by e.r.w.i.n.
-Megatron: Memorable quotes for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) –

Stobist Info:
2 x Interfit with Umbrella on Left & Soft box on Right both on 1/4 power
1 x Flash Gun on back set to auto bounce at wall diffused by white background.

ISO 100 at 1/200 sec; f/2.8 (-2EV)

sigma lens

Image by e.r.w.i.n.
This is one of the dangerous task on Road Projects, The Rock Blasting.
I got lucky, they put this on company’s calendar, I hope next year too! =)

White Jail House (HDR)
sigma lens

Image by e.r.w.i.n.
Actually, this is our Office container.
consists of 76 20′ footer converted to a building. but looks like a Jail house…my prison cell no. is 72.

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