Calendar critters

lucy the boston terrier/boxer mix
boston terrier

Image by _tar0_
taken at papago dog park in tempe, az

Calendar critters
Sadie, a proud boxer, starts September along with Daisy and Auggy, and an attentive Boston terrier named Ginsberg opens October with Winston and Hoagie. Anna cocks her head creatively in November along with Maddie and Savannah, and the year …
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Deepa Mehta on magic, Jann Arden on pets, Ai Weiwei on freedom and more
She's a Maltese/Yorkshire-terrier cross. I've had her for four years, and she's ….. Canadian Josh Cassidy won the 2012 Boston Marathon wheelchair race in record time – then missed a win at the London Paralympic Games. The big events are what the …
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FM Boston Radio

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