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Image by quinn.anya
From the audio booth at work

Image by giu-di

Image by xkojix

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Film Like A Pro

Are you a budding Hitchcock or a wannabe Spielberg but have never had the money to make your very own film? Well, now there is no excuse as it has never been easier to grab a camera and create your very own Oscar worthy cinematic masterpiece. Films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity have shown just how easy it is to create a fantastic low budget movie that can be a huge global success in its own right. So, if you’re a budding filmmaker, or just a newbie filming enthusiast, there are a few simple tips you can follow to make sure you get the most professional looking work out of your low cost equipment.

Getting the right equipment together for your film shoot can be not only tricky, but expensive too. However, if you are looking to use the same state of the art camera and lights that they use in Hollywood, but you’re looking for a more authentic, low key look for your film there are plenty of low budget cameras available on the market that can do the job well. When you’re shooting your film always remember that the narrative and acting are two of the most important things to get right if you want to make a good impression. You can be forgiven for the quality of your shots if the story is well told and you have good enough actors to pull it off.

Once you’ve got all the shots you want in the can, it’s time to edit together your film and add those finishing touches to complete your movie. Things like transitions, a title sequence and music can all be added at this stage, and you can also move around scenes to make sure you get your masterpiece just the way you want it. If you really want to give your film the professional edge add some credits to the end and make up an official film company logo which you can reuse again and again on your work.

Most new computers will have some sort of in built film editing software for you to use but if you really want to splash out you can opt to buy a specific editing programme so you can give your movies the professional touch. With these programmes you can add colour to your film and you will find a greater range of cutting and editing tools than a run of the mill programmes you can get for free.

Whether you are shooting your film on a small hd camcorder or you are taking out a loan to hire some top class equipment, creating a film you can be proud of takes determination, skill and a lot of creativity, no matter what kind of tools you are using. So if you are keen to put your film skills to good use, grab a low budget camera and get shooting, and you could be collecting that Bafta in no time.

Paul Buchanan writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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Some cool morocco tv images:

morocco tv
Image by tgraham

morocco tv
Image by jorsym
Source Images:
IMGP1174_HDR.JPG (Av: F16.0; Tv: 1/90 sec.; ISO: 0; FL: 55.0 mm)
Fusion F.1 (HDR; Mode 1)

tv city
morocco tv
Image by g-squared

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Audio Mastering

Have you ever wondered why the music on the radio seems so much different than music that you might record yourself? It has a polished sound, and everything seems to flow together so much better. This is because all music that you hear on the radio has been mastered.

Mastering is a process that a song goes through after it has been recorded, which prepares it and transfers to a data storage device. This copy, which is called “The Master” is the one from which all other copies are made. During the mastering process, the original sound recording is equalized, compressed, and edited for noise reduction to eliminate clicks, dropouts, hum and hiss. The levels or the volume might be adjusted, the song may be edited, a fade in or out may be added, or any other enhancements may be added. The mastering process is different for every song, because each recording will have unique flaws that require editing. Ambience or additional sounds may also be added during the mastering process. Also, a skilled audio mastering technician can create different effects, such as making your music sound like it is a vintage recording.

In the olden days, mastering used to be done using massive tape machines and then acetate pressings. The machines and tools needed to do this were expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to operate. However, now we have the benefit of computer software, which means that there are many easy to operate and affordable digital audio editing programs on the market. You can purchase one of these and teach yourself how to master your own tracks, or you can choose to have your audio mastered by a professional mastering engineer. There are advantages to both, but the thing to remember is that while anyone can learn to operate a digital editing program, a truly great audio mastering engineer simply has an ‘ear’ for music which is a talent that cannot be learned.

If you are a recording artist producing your first album, it is important that you make sure that your music is audio mastered properly. It takes a bit longer and there is a small cost, but the difference in sound quality is the difference between something that sounds like it was recorded on budget home recording equipment, to something that sounds like a professional track that could be played on the radio. You can be the best song writer or musician of all time, but if the sound quality on your recordings is terrible, no one will ever want to buy your records. Audio mastering simply takes your raw materials and polishes the rough edges so that your great lyrics and melody shine. is South Manchester’s premier audio mastering facility. We provide a professional service at affordable prices; visit our site for more information.

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Contrast LCD TV LED TV

LED TV is a bit of a misnomer, but manufacturers and retailers continue to use the term, he makes his way in the public consciousness, the difference is worth attention. TV LED LCD TV with LED lights is really only for lighting rather than traditional fluorescent lighting CFL, for liquid crystal displays. Use a liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology, the front includes the so-called “twisted crystal” technology definition LCD. LED TV features two main types of backlit, edge lighting and local dimming. LED lighting has been around from the edge of the edge of the panel, which allows very fine structure. Recently, the progress of LED (light emitting diode) technology, the lights can create a very small volume, so even if the local dimming LED backlight TV can be a very thin depth. Local dimming LED backlight lamp bank behind the panel and the control of these banks can reduce the amount of backlighting in the dark area, increasing the area of the screen in bright contrast and better blacks. This is done by the various choices of television. A recent example is the ability to open or close the selected local dimming.

We note also the improvement in black levels with this feature. Picture Notes Contrast / black levels Deep manufacturing color LCD panel through the panel by blocking the backlight, the black shows this method has an inherent problem with technology. Local dimming LED backlighting solution to this problem proposed by dimming the backlight, which should be dark. Edge lit LED will have a bright white fluorescent backlit LCD screen than most, but not control local backlight dimming as television does. This comparison has stirred up some of the recent black level performance of LCD TVs are very concentrated. Local Dimming LED TV has become the best in the past. Pros: The first local dimming technology, LED TV, so the contrast levels and black. The second recent TV LCD. The third side lit LED TV Color accuracy With white LED backlight, the difference between the two technologies are not very important, but the color of the RGB color wheel lights or LED backlighting of color TV have an advantage in the display vibrant colors. Advantage: White LED backlight LCD TV and TV backlighting fluorescent color virtually the same accuracy. Color LED backlit TV trumps both. Angle Answer to this question will often change. It seems to have some effect, now the biggest issue is the quality perspective of transparent glass in front of the TV or LCD or LED. The thicker and higher quality of this glass, better viewing angle, a little harsh adverse deterioration. Indeed, anti-glare technology to prevent glare suppressed, but the image of depth and perspective.

Recently, we saw some LCD TV has a very good perspective and depth of image Although this never happens. We also believe that it is very expensive slim edge lit LED TV show poor contrast and black level degradation perspective, just 30 degrees off center. Local Dimming LED TV will have better performance and natural light from directly behind the screen. Advantages: local dimming LED TV, then TV, LCD, and then edge lit LED TV. The biggest variable in all three is the quality of the glass facade, add depth, good viewing angle and glare. Anti-glare screen is ever so bad depth and perspective. Fast-moving video playback Fast video is a function of response time and refresh rate and LED LCD TV. The type of the backlight of the TV has no effect on reproduction of fast motion video. I would like to compare the response time and refresh rate in making purchasing decisions. The new 120Hz, 240Hz, 480Hz speed and functionality is similar behavior in our experience, the manufacturer may be more than that in reality the frequency of Hz.

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Nice Led Tv photos

A few nice led tv images I found:

LED TV 40″ untuk nobar Final #AFF
led tv
Image by Viking KARWUR
LED TV 40" untuk nobar Final #AFF

Samsung LED TV
led tv
Image by yum9me
HDTV playing The Hangover on Blu-ray.

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Eco Friendly LCD Televisions

by ben.h

Televisions are now an integral component in our day to day life in this telecommunication era. With the improbable growth in technology, the “once upon a time chunky rectangles” are replaced by sleek and slender televisions; that too with smart and intelligent features. Televisions are no extra merely for watching soaps or movies! It’s now multi-faced versatile gadget that will switch into a huge video game screen or PC monitor or even a massive screen for viewing the information from other memory devices or gadgets like digital cameras or camcorders. The scopes of televisions are growing day by day, and so are the technologies. Numerous innovative and revolutionary methods are incorporated inside the modern televisions to make it user friendly, smart and competent. Liquid Crystal Technology is prevalent 1 among different display formats like LCD, plasma, OLED, etc.

Individuals are much more conscious of the want for environmental protection and eco-friendly products. This cognizance is 1 of the main reasons for the fall of the plasma display sales. Plasma television sales had been once leaping steeply for the reason that of the high picture performance and economical costs of plasma televisions. Having said that the clients are now a lot more conscious of the power requirements of the televisions, which in turn resulted inside the downfall of plasma display technology. Now the buyers are extra conscious of the require for greener products, and hence the display manufacturers are marshalling difficult to come up with the “greenovative products”; green ovation is the implementation of the eco-friendly technologies that boosts the video performance together with the energy efficiency of the television.

Most of the eco-friendly televisions obtainable inside the marketplace nowadays are lead-free. Lots of of the established display makers manufacture televisions with out utilizing any raw material that’s hazardous to the ecosystem. Apart from the avoidance of lead, a few of the established television manufacturers like Panasonic aren’t making use of spray paints. Spray paints release CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) into the atmosphere that damages the ozone layer of the earth. Power requirement of the television is now 1 of the much-concerned factors although purchasing a flat panel display. LCD televisions need a lot much less power compared to the plasma televisions or other technologies.

With the improve in competency LCD manufacturers debuted energy efficient displays that saves virtually 30% to 50% of energy compared to the conventional ones. Eco-Televisions comes with the eco-mode that alters the backlight settings and screen brightness of the television according to the ambient lighting conditions. Apart from the comfortable and luxurious viewing encounter, this helps to save power considerably. Sony WE5500 LCD Television, Sharp DH77 LCD television, Panasonic VIERA LCD Television series with Neo PDP technology, Philips 42PFL5603D LCD Television, Samsung Luxia LED backlit Televisions, etc are a few of the eco-friendly HDTV’s out there.

To find out more about this topic, visit Sharp 26 Lcd Tv

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Are Led Tvs Worth The Money?

A good deal of hype has been surrounding LED televisions of late which beg many questions: Are they really better, are they worth the money, do they provide a better picture? A good starting point might be to find out exactly what an LED television is and how it differs from televisions that have been available on the market for some time. In short people might be excited about the idea of an LED television without a great deal of knowledge about what they are and how they work, this article will aim at answering both of those questions.

First off, an LED television is essentially the same thing as an LCD television. The LED moniker essentially refers to the backlight element to a new variety of LCD television. So when you are talking about an LCD television you should know that what you are really talking about is simply a variation on the traditional LCD television. LED televisions replace the traditional florescent backlighting elements with LED lighting which does provide some advantages that we will speak of below.

LED televisions undoubtedly offer some pretty neat features but do they justify the high price tag? To answer that question we will first have to decide whether an LCD television is what you want at all. If you want a television that is the least money for the size and provides perhaps the most vivid colors including the richest blacks than you may in actuality prefer a plasma screen television. This option may fly out the window if you are planning to use the television in a bright room as plasma televisions tend to produce allot of glare. This is one of the primary advantages of an LCD television, namely that LCD televisions can be viewed more easily in higher light conditions than there plasma alternatives. Of course whatever the LCD can do the LED will do as well, so you will be getting a good higher light television that will also offer compact size and power saving ability over the typical plasma television. Another advantage of the LED model is that you will see an increase in the balance of color saturation as well as less leakage during low light scenes.

Before you decide to buy a LED unit you will want to check out both Edge Lighting and Full Array units. LED televisions come in two different formats as named above that will provide somewhat different viewing experiences: Edge Lighting units can be thinner, while Full Array will likely provide more control over light and color in the picture at the cost of a little extra bulk. So if your heart is set on an LED television than you should check out standard LCD televisions side-by-side with their newer counterparts and see if there is a noticeable difference that you are willing to pay for. If you decide that the LED unit is absolutely what you want, then also compare both types of LED televisions to see which one provides you with the options and control that you desire.

Information in this article about Home Theater Installation provided by leading Home Theater Raleigh company.

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Satellite Radio: XM Radio or Sirius

Satellite radio is the hottest trend in radio entertainment for your car, home, and office. The freedom from commercials and static is an exhilarating experience. No longer do you have listen to obnoxious jingles and hot air. No longer are you condemned to choose between dead air and Country & Western when traveling in rural areas.

Commercial-Free, Digital-Quality Sound

All of these problems are solved with satellite radio. And there is nothing else in the radio world that can compete with its digital quality sound. Satellite can provide uninterrupted listening pleasure anywhere in the world.

The only problem is deciding upon which satellite radio provider to choose. The top 2 contenders are Sirius and XM Radio. If you want satellite radio, you are immediately faced with the issue of how to choose between them.

XM Radio, First In The Sky

XM Radio established its presence first, and has a market share of 2 million listeners. XM has had the time to establish an excellent system of 68 commercial-free music channels with an incredible array of music. It also adds 33 channels of news, sports, talk shows, and entertainment to its programming mix. To top it off, XM has revolutionized the satellite radio world by providing 21 channels of up-to-date weather and traffic for most of the major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Sirius, Radio Innovator On Satellite TV

Sirius may be the comparative upstart, but it offers some advantages of its own. New contacts with DISH Network satellite television have given Sirius access to more than 10 million subscribers. It provides more than 120 channels if you add up all of the music, sports, information and entertainment.

For sports, Sirius is hard to beat. It broadcasts live games for professional football and hockey leagues, as well as many other sporting events. Sirius will also be the home of Howard Stern in 2006.

New Technology, New Listening Experience

So, whether you choose XM Radio for experience and staying power, or cast your vote for the innovations of Sirius, there’s no reason to wait. Satellite radio is to broadcast radio as the VCR was to television. You can have it all — without commercials! So what are you waiting for — pick one.

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Radio Control Boats

There are many great hobbies out there, though some would argue that one is more fun than the other. Let’s take radio control boats as an example. This is a fine hobby to say the last, and it offers quite a few avenues of excitement. Before you rush out to buy any RC boats however, there are a few things you ill need to look at, and you will of course need to determine just what you are looking for when it comes to radio control boats. If you are new to the world of RC boats, you’re definitely in for some great surprises!

Before you start, you will need to determine whether you want to purchase an RTR boat or a model kit. RTR stands for: Ready to Run, and they come in one piece. That being the case, you can take them out of the box and drop them in the water after the charging period. If you want to go with a model kit however, you will need to do a bit of work. The obvious question here is why you would go with a model kit when RTR boats are easy enough to start with.

The benefits of using model kits for radio control boats are numerous. For one, you will be able to choose the power source, and in addition to that you can choose the aesthetic of the boat. This is a luxury that the RTR boats would not allow you, and you might just find that there is a specific style you want that is only available in a motor type that you don’t want.

On the subject of motor types for radio control boats, there are two. The first and most obvious type is electric, and this is actually the cheaper alternative as you can recharge the battery as many times as you need to. The one problem however is that the batteries tend to die quickly, and these motors do not have the same level of power as their petrol counterparts.

A gas engine might be a good choice if you’re looking for high power levels or simply a sense of authenticity. These are more expensive, and they can be a bit more dangerous for beginners, but most who own them find that they are superior in almost every way to the battery operated boats. That being the case, you might want to look into a gas powered RTR or model once you get a bit more experience under your belt.

Owning radio control boats is fun, operating one is even more fun. If you’re looking for a new hobby or something to pass the time with, then try this one on for size and see where it takes you. There is plenty of open water to travel!

At RCUnlimitedShop, you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality radio control boats.

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