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You might have the classiest and most expensive car among your friends, yes. You might even have polished and sleek interiors and an expensive and flashy pair of wheels, but without an equally amazing audio system, you might as well have brought a vintage car. The heart of every car’s audio system is its in dash receiver. It may be a radio, mp3, or DVD receiver, the point is that without music or sounds to bob your head to while cruising along the highway, no matter how expensive your car is, your driving experience would still end up bland and boring. In dash receivers come in different forms, specifications, and sizes. Some may just be for radio, other for both mp3 players and CD players, others for DVD players, and the more expensive ones even have built-in equalizers. With it, you can make any driving experience a party. Every car enthusiast knows the value of a good quality in dash receiver, and how it could really change the feel of your car.

The first thing to consider in buying one is the sound quality. Your receiver will be useless as crap if the sound it emits is resembles a pregnant dog howling during the night. Sound quality is in the top spot, as always. Of course, you would want to cruise along while listening to clear and booming 50 Cent, right? Second factor is the power factor. It is important that the in dash receiver you get have subwoofers. Third, a good receiver must have complete controls available for the convenience of the buyer. The type of receiver that you would eventually get would depend on your budget. The receivers with most function would probably price around $ 400 – $ 500. It may be a wee bit expensive especially if you are driving an economy car, so you might as well go with the ones ranged around $ 100 – $ 200. The more pricey ones have the function of CD, DVD, mp3, and Satellite receiving. The less expensive ones are simply for radio and cassette. While some stores would price their receivers as high as $ 1000 or more, claiming that they have the best quality, offers the same specifications in lower prices. For as low as $ 100, you get the same specs without hurting your pocket. Plus, the receivers that they offer come in stylish designs that are flexible to the car that you own. They are up to date and trendy, for sure. They also offer a variety of brands that will surely make your shopping experience worthwhile. At a very considerable price, you will surely get a good quality and better priced receiver in They believe that your car deserves the best because your car carries the name and personality of the owner. Without sacrificing the functionality of the receivers and the convenience of the buyers, has some of the best offers among the many online car electronics stores around.

Experiences of car enthusiasts tell us how receivers make driving more enjoyable for them. It is time to take their advice and buy a good in dash receiver now!

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