Wiz Khalifa – True Colors ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Audio]

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13 comments to Wiz Khalifa – True Colors ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Audio]

  • LUCAS M DIAS  says:

    True colors , raw , the sleaze , we dem boyz , ass drop , you and your
    friends , high and kk are dope , this album is awesome ?

  • K.Naidoo  says:


  • robhartjr1993  says:

    Wiz time has passed. Only morons and dumb middle schoolers like this new

  • Sean Russell  says:

    Wiz is better without the autotone?

  • AlanGee  says:

    this shit sound like a white taylor swift girl wrote it with her guitar in
    the country, cuz thats my true colors..?

  • Jalyn Seals  says:

    He is back man I’m telling you I’m so freaking happy go Wiz go !!!?

  • Guilherme Raimundo  says:

    disney channel song?

  • iOriginalEdits  says:

    Whats up with the autotune :/?

  • ZachBroTv  says:

    I remember when he would make an album an all the songs were good on it..
    now he sucks. ?

  • Amos - Quero  says:

    The best song of tha album <3?

  • Gabriel Frediane  says:

    a unica do album que vai pras radios…?

  • Thabelo Manwadu  says:

    surprised he didn’t say black and yellow.?

  • Shanice Mitchell  says:

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