Winter London Film & Comic Con (WLFCC) – October 2013 – Cosplay Music Video?

London Film & Comic Con Winter 2013 hit Kensington Olympia, our first convention being back in the UK so we headed up, camera’s in hand to film with some of …

After being bullied and beaten at school for dressing like a boy, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding her house. When she can’t find her way out, she’s f…
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36 comments to Winter London Film & Comic Con (WLFCC) – October 2013 – Cosplay Music Video?

  • Magdalena Marquez  says:

    who is he? O___O
    minuto 2:30?

  • Scott Baldwin  says:

    The song is Larger Than Life by Pinkzebra.?

  • Alice Jackson  says:

    What song it this? Im in love with it <3?

  • Adrián López  says:

    What’s the song name??

  • EloiseRaeCullen  says:

    ok but that Spider Man booty tho.?

  • Morgan McGregor  says:

    I cry every time i see that little kid as the sixth doctor. Too freakin

  • Ione Hernandez Ramirez  says:

    what characters are the first one with color lights torchs ??

  • pjtiger10  says:

    I really want to know who Superboy is. Does anyone know??

  • DJDarkWolf  says:

    Do you guys film throughout the whole con, or just on Saturdays or

  • Beckie0  says:

    WOW! 2:46 – HAHA!?

  • Trotmaster15  says:

    0:23 Meryl??

  • Mark Headley  says:


  • fridahope  says:

    omg, that first girlREALLY oohs like billie piper!?

  • Arianna Perez  says:

    They should put this song on iTunes or spotify ?

  • Gerald Tarrant  says:

    Was that Billie in the beginning? lol?

  • Maria Soares  says:

    A Xena, princesa guerreira, tirando o Capitão Jack Sparrow na marra[!] do

  • Gregg Dixon  says:

    The guy white falcon ninjetti power rangers costume looks unreal! Always
    wanted one of them!?

  • vikingfaen  says:


  • A Drab Lunacy  says:

    The little toddler Doctors! Too dang cute. >u< ????

  • James Cornett  says:

    0:05 – That legit looked like Billie Piper for a moment…
    1:12 – MARK OUT MOMENT!?

  • Joseph Baker  says:

    So much walking dead XD?

  • shykitty25  says:

    does anyone happen to know the song? shazam does not recognise it..
    thanks!! :)?

  • dutsan rojas  says:

    El power ranger verde!?

  • MisterEpicMuffin  says:

    If you have a penis your a boy. If you have a vagina then your a girl. If
    your mind is uncomfortable in your body and wishes to be the opposite sex,
    then your mind isnt trapped in the wrong body. Its your mind confused. ?

  • Chuck Noris  says:

    Forcing a child to be a transexual, even if it is for a TV show, is a
    disgusting and abuseive act. Please think about what you have done.?

  • hollymj  says:

    Hang on she’s a tomboy I’m a tomboy. I dress up in boys tracksuits coz I
    feel uncomtable in girls on earth is this a gender identity!!?

  • King Banana  says:

    I don’t get it, is that a girl who dresses like a boy or a boy that wants
    to dress like a girl?

  • Amber Bruce  says:

    Is this a girl or a boy? (Sorry for my lack of knowledge)?

  • Kimmy Kakes  says:

    waste of time, does not get any point across?

  • Robert Bowers  says:

    Fuck this video and anyone who approves it?

  • Carlee Franklin  says:

    What the heck did I just watch ???? I’m 11 what the heck is wrong with you
    I’m scared right now ?

  • Emilys Channel  says:

    I’m kinda confused, like no hate. But, is this person a boy or a girl? And
    is she/he like getting bullied or something to make him do this to herself?

  • Wesley NotTellingYou  says:

    … What the crap did I just watch?… No hate, but… What? I little boy,
    or girl, with wounds wanders aimlessly on her property, after which he/she
    gets lost, and finds a different version of him/her? and he/she runs away
    from the other? I fail to see your point… Forgive me for being stupid…
    But… What!??

  • Carla Allen  says:

    Could someone explain to me what happens I don’t understand – I’m dumb

  • KCTONIO KC  says:

    So…she lives alone??

  • sportyskater99  says:

    theres a girl in my school that people bullie for dressing like a girl?

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