why do some people think the Moors were black Sub-Saharan Africans?

Question by POIdsfijhfd: why do some people think the Moors were black Sub-Saharan Africans?
Anyone who says that is dumb.
The Moors were from MOROCCO. They were Berbers and Arabs.

They would have looked like this; http://www.exposay.com/celebrity-photos/emmanuelle-chriqui-i-now-pronounce-you-chuck-and-larry-world-movie-premiere-arrivals-0K4xCT.jpg

NOT like this; http://weblogs.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/blog/070614_oprah_vmed_12p.widec.jpg
the first girl is Emmanuelle Chriqui. and btw Shakespeare is not a good reference for judging if a group of people are black or not.
ancient egyptians looked like ethiopians/somalis so i’ll give you that, they were black.
I was going to post Beyonce at first instead of Oprah
Taylor V I have already admitted there is most likely Moorish/Arab ancestry in my family, I have cousins who look 100% Moroccan.
dolly317 – my great grandfather from portugal was also part cape verdean – i don’t doubt for one second that there is black somewhere in my family.
Shad – that Ethiopian woman looks East African, or like an ancient Egyptian. Since those who say the Moors were black say they are west African, they wouldn’t look like that.

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Answer by Joe Cool
Ignorance. The same way as they call Spanish people Latin Americans in some places in the USA !! LOL

pretty girl the first one

edit: I heard of her. She’s French-Moroccon Jewish, right?

@Taylor V: U are a white supremacist, right?

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16 comments to why do some people think the Moors were black Sub-Saharan Africans?

  • DeWitt Wright  says:

    Some people think anything, and for many possible reasons!

  • Kunta  says:

    hu gives a shitt bout moors I jus know ancient egyptians were black wid braids

    she looks black Tutankhamen mum

  • Timely  says:

    Can’t I go one day without seeing a picture of Oprah…PLEASE?

  • Illuminated Truth  says:

    Does knowing this cure cancer? End world hunger? If not then why does it matter? Oh, or is this some kind of race question to make yourself feel better? I get it.

  • Padraig L  says:

    Yeah I know, Even in Othello the moor is referred as black. btw i’m not sure all moors are as attractive as the pic

  • BobJr's Final return  says:

    their not like oprah?!?! T_T

  • Drea ? Drake  says:

    lol was oprah the only black you could think of

    plz don’t think blacks want to be referred to as “moor.” it doesn’t sound nice. look i don’t go around calling myself a “moor” it was some white ppl that told me that was referring to “black”…i call those white ppl my teachers

  • Verkligheten Expressen  says:

    They were not black. Some might have even had black ancestry, but to claim them as Sub-Saharan is simply ridiculous.

    Real Moor.

    Edit: Ancient Egypt was not black.

    White man in Egypt owning blacks. Look at the different phenotype. The ones being held have prognathic jaws and big lips. The one standing has orthognathic jaws and thin lips.

  • Shad  says:

    Moors has referred to several historic and modern populations of Muslim (and earlier non-Muslim) people of Berber, Black African and Arab descent from North Africa, some of whom came to conquer and occupy the Iberian Peninsula for nearly 800 years.

    Plus in the play Othello by Shakespeare… Othello was a black man who was called a moor.

    Look at this picture of an Ethiopian woman:


    Not all black people look like Oprah… Oprah is of West African descendent… which look different from East African people.

  • Karel  says:

    First of……Moors were not one particular race of people……they could have looked like anything……..Arab does not necesarily mean one race either……..it is anyone one whose first language is arabic

    I’ve also read accounts of black moorish soldiers…….please read!!!

    and Chiriqi is not Arab…….she is white/jewish

    I just don’t understand the point you are trying to make……who cares what they were???

  • Telly U  says:

    Ask them. hey you can’t post a link to your site when asking a question. You are in violation missy.

  • dolly317  says:

    Awww sweetie are you scared you might have a little black in you!!

  • neet  says:

    You’re right, they weren’t black in the way we think of black today (sub-Saharan), but to most Europeans of the day, they were black – that’s where the confusion lies.

    Most Europeans were not familiar with Sub-Saharan blacks. The Moors were the blackest people they’d ever seen, so they discribed them as black.

  • Steven Abdul  says:

    Moors were ARABS & Berbers from MOROCCO,
    they were probably “brown” complected.

  • cynical  says:

    Well, the Berber are very diverse and apparently are compsed of different kinds of people. They have a wide array of skin color, cranial shapes, and facial proportions. They are from North Africa so I’m sure they had some interactions with East and West Africans at some point. I’m not saying Berbers were black but most likely mixed with black at some point.

    Either way it doesn’t really matter. I’m sure the Moors do not consider themselves black.

  • Eric  says:

    The same way many people think Spanish pertains to Hispanic people. The truth is it pertains to European people..

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