What’s So Great About Hand Crank Radios?

Have you ever heard of hand crank radios? In fact, although many people think these are toys, they can be very useful in emergencies.

How can hand crank radios help you?

Hand crank radios are of course fun to play with, but they’re especially useful if you’re someplace where you don’t have access to modern conveniences like batteries or electricity. Most of the time, a “crank radio,” as it’s also called, comes with other power sources as well, such as the ability to plug it into that you can operate with electricity, too. What’s unique about hand crank radios, though, is that they can be operated entirely by hand.

Easy to operate, easy to use

Hand crank radios have come a long way with the most recent models. You don’t have to spend a lot of time “cranking” a crank radio to get a lot of power. In fact, you should be able to crank for just a minute or two and then have power for up to two hours.

AM, FM, and shortwave

Hand crank radios can be useful on camping trips and other places where you’re not going to have access to power sources as you normally might. Today’s radios usually do much more than access just AM/FM stations, too. They can also access shortwave stations, which is useful if you want to listen to international radio programming.

Not just entertainment, crank radios can also help you in an emergency

Although you won’t necessarily be able to call out on most hand crank radios (unless the one you’ve got also has ham radio capabilities), you can listen to your radio to get information you need if you’re in an emergency. For example, if all of your electricity has gone out, you can use your hand crank radio to listen to weather reports so that you know if you’ve got to worry about a tornado or other disaster; this can help you get to safety. If you’ve been a victim of a natural disaster, both you and the rest of the population in that area are likely to be stranded without modern conveniences. In that case, a crank radio is going to be useful so that everyone in your area knows what’s going on and when help will arrive.

Different features on different models

Check out the variety of models available in crank radios. Some come with GPS capabilities (useful if you’re out hiking and get lost in the wilderness, for example), some have flashlights, and most have other power sources besides hand cranking so that you can use them in a variety of situations. Most hand crank radios have AM, FM, and shortwave capabilities, but you may find it especially useful to get one with GPS capabilities and a flashlight , since you’ll find this a useful feature if you’re out in the wilderness camping or hiking, for example, and get lost or are out after dark.

Don’t be stuck without access to civilization and communication even in the worst of situations. Hand crank radios can provide invaluable information and other necessary tools for your survival, should you be caught in a disaster or other difficult situation.

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