what should my family to get me for christmas 2010 (15&male)?

Question by jh7: what should my family to get me for christmas 2010 (15&male)?
I’m 15 male, I’m at a loss as to what I want or need for christmas, my family keeps asking me. just to let you know about me i do model u.n., youth court, yearbook, youth and govt, tennis, swim team, french/spanish club, editing my schools literary magazine, i like photography, painting, video making i want “final cut” and a **good video camera if you know of one**, most of my hobbies are pretty “artzy”. I have a macbook, ipod touch, camera (if you know any good ones i want a dslr), 2 film slr cameras, tv, blackberry and other electronics ( i asked for a kindle already and i was told no because i don’t read an abnormally high amount of books) that about sums up my electronics…cant ask for trip bc im going to greece and italy without parents/with friends and siblings in july [valentines day present] so if you know anything fun to use in europe, ive been to italy but never greece…if you know of any fun summer camps in europe or north africa (done sit.edu morocco), i dont really like concerts, i hate cheezy wall posters, i hate people who act ghetto people and ghetto clothing, i like clothes I like: jcrew, urban outfitters, banana republic, hollister sometimes, gap, converse/vans, american eagle, american apparel, a lot of small city stores too, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO ASK FOR. trust me im not a spoiled brat my parents, as do I, want me to be worldly and efficient. I volunteer enough that im not going to spend christmas in a soup kitchen or any of those suggestions on here please just share good ideas not “your spoiled get nothing”. Thanks

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Answer by Capt Cold
How about a gift to charity in your name.

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  • Cute Bunny  says:

    How about a car or a fancy bike

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